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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I bet!
  2. More Classic Coronation Street repeats playing yet another Paula classic, this time the feisty bop Knocked Out. Perfect for the moment considering it was being played as Tina Fowler (aka Michelle "done the soap rounds" Holmes), gave her chelating lover what for. Aww, the simple pleasures.
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  4. Paula has always come across as a very nice and down to earth approachable star I think.
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  5. Links were not correct two posts up- they're now fixed. Enjoy, if you check them out. :)

    What Kind- I agree. She has a rep for some of the "craziness," but she seems like a genuinely nice, approachable person. After the cancellation the other night, she came out and met many fans, some who had purchased M^G packages, and some who had not.
  6. Aww, that's so lovely of her to have done that. Bet they were made up!
  7. Why was it canceled?
  8. The stage supposedly was not equipped to handle the video screens.
    The Bethlehem, Pa., show has been moved to Nov. 23, leaving the show scheduled on that date in the cold.
    I think the tour management scheduled too many shows within a close proximity to each other, which is an iasue for someone who's not a touring powerhouse.
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  9. Still love “rush” song .
  10. Rush Rush, is so beautiful.
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  11. I just checked out the UK chart run for the 1990 Pettibone remix/re issue of Knocked Out. Only 3 weeks inside the top 40?? Madness!
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  12. Vibeology continues to brutally murder my wig.
  13. Saw her tonight in Cleveland.

    What a show. What a career. What a woman.
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  14. Sounds like the second leg will get new music added!
    I'm here for 2019 music Paula, like damn girl!
    Release the full version of Boombox as a bonus track or hell make it the lead tbh
  15. That's because it's forever a bop.
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  16. I LOVE that she calls out dancers to utilize the amazing resources we have and to look at past artists/choreographers to study... Such a big believer in that!
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  17. ^Agreed. Learning from, and seeking inspiration, from the past, will help make a well-rounded performer.
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  18. Wow - she really is a talented dancer. She choreographed Debbie Gibson's 'Shake Your Love' and Debbie has said she was very disappointed that most of Paula's work on the video ended up on the cutting room floor in exchange for 'close up' shots.
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