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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Classic Coronation Street is literally my favourite thing on TV by far. The writing is genius. Makes a mockery of every one of today's soaps.
  2. Here here! For years I've been a die hard Corrie fan, but its been so hard to be loyal to it these days. Give me Corrie circa 1990 now almost 1991 anyday!
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  3. I saw an 'I wanna dance in the 80's special on MTV OMG yesterday, an hour of classic 80's floorfillers. And aside such legends as Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Donna Summer-and Jason Donnovan, I thankfully saw Ms Abdul get her due with this iconic anthem too:

    Nice too see too. Paula really was a match in MTV heaven.

  4. Never knew that Paula did Top Of The Pops!
  5. We went to the show in Bethlehem, Pa., last night- it was very enjoyable. The videos were well-done, funny and on point. We couldn't make it there in time for a meet-and-greet (3 p.m.), though Paula was gracious to meet with us backstage after the show. She was very nice and accommodating, telling us to have a seat, etc. We took some pics- my partner was over the moon, as he went to the Under My Spell Tour when he was 5 and has been a fan since. I showed her the FYG vinyl that I've had for nearly 30 years, and she offered to sign it. She saw that I wanted to keep the jacket clean, so she signed on the inside sleeve. hehe

    A memorable evening, to say the least. We picked up a couple of concert shirts, plus the signed Greatest Hits- Straight Up CD. (the latter was before she signed the FYG album, but it's all good- we're supporting her).

    I'd highly recommend seeing the show, if she's in a city near you.
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  6. Sounds like a very enjoyable experience!
  7. ^Indeed it was. Anything but "Cold Hearted," she is. :-)
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  8. She always seems to come across very well I think.
  9. My 1986 self just cried:

  10. What a beautiful pair of legendary ladies together again!
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  11. Great cheekbones
  12. I was about to post it too. Just loved seen this picture
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  13. Glad to see two pop legends together again!

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  14. Was listening to vibeology last night. Such a great song
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  15. Very much so, it's just total fun from start to finish.
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  16. So today's Classic Coronation Street repeats, saw the rather lovely Rush Rush, be played in the background as Steph Barnes moaned to Phyllis (the voice) Pearce about her marriage problems. Wondered when it would make an appearance.
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  17. I found the first album mostly crap, and it was clear that her style was during the 80's/90's period when US and UK top 40 tastes could be wildly different. e.g. US top 10's by the likes of Paula barely (or not) troubling the top 40 here.

    However, I think the Spellbound album is a work of pop art - stunning. Memories of a warm school summer holidays 1991, and for me still sounds fresh and pretty innovative for pop in the early 90's.
  18. The Promise Of A New Day, is such an underrated single and sounds especially perfect being played on a nice sunny day. It just ooazes sunshine.

    Spellbound itself, is much better than the debut for me must admit. 6 fantastic singles and that's about it.
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  19. I've just been recently listening to Paula for the first time ever, and going through her discography (it hasn't taken long ddd) how come she went from having all those number ones to... nothing? What's the general consensus?
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