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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. For me Paula was a singer who was exciting as a dance act with great choreography and fun dance songs. She then decided to do ballads and well, we all jumped ship.

    It's the age old story of the artist moved on too quickly for the audience.
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  2. Oh that makes sense. I thought she'd at least have got another album after Head Over Heels. I was quite surprised at how well she did and then her pop career just ended. I always knew her from American Idol and thought she was a one hit wonder (with Opposites Attract...)

    She has so many bops though. I love Cold Hearted and the video.
  3. I also think that the 3 year gap between her 2nd and 3rd albums wasn't helpful in the long term either. Though admittedly, that was for personal issues.
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  4. Nobody jumped ship for Rush Rush though. Blowing Kisses, yes they did.

    They also kinda wasted her momentum on Shut Up & Dance and Spellbound should have been released in its place or definitely 6 months earlier. With kid based fan bases you should strike sooner (Madonna first few albums, Spice Girls, Britney are examples).
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  5. I remember getting the album on import and knowing the game was up first play. Rush Rush had an expensive star featuring video hammered by MTV so was always going to do well but the rest was blah Vibeology aside. And that wasn't a patch on the first album singles.
  6. Rush Rush, is just stunning.
  7. Same career trajectory as Debbie Gibson. First album smash with tons of bops everyone loves. Second album lead by dull ballad and a few medium sized hits but less than the first. A long break followed by flop third that no one cared about.
  8. I think the trial got in the way between the first and second album. She also had a lot of misfortunes, including the trial, personal issues, and the Vibeology performance at the VMAs getting a poor reception. I don't think it would have mattered if she followed up an album quickly after Spellbound. The music scene had changed (Wilson Phillips was another casualty although Paula's album was much better as a follow-up).

    Having said that, Rush Rush was a huge hit.
  9. I love the longer video for Rush Rush so much with it's added dialogue and Paula's 'acting'.
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  10. I have all 3 albums and was a big fan but listening now her “vocals” really are bad. They are pretty unpleasant at times to listen to. Thank god the material on the singles at least was strong.
  11. My Love Is For Real is still my favourite, what a song!
  12. Very good choice.
  13. Did you or your partner ask if she was going to release any new music ?
  14. My Love Is For Real is amazing, Paula's very own Confide In Me.
  15. Here here!!
  16. Playing Rush Rush. Magic.
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  17. I used to get every inch of my life to this back in the day

    Handbag house heaven!
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  19. I LOVE this song but there was such backlash when this came out in the States. Everyone turned on her after the MTV performance and it was the end of her music career there. She had such a meteoric rise and fall in such a short period of time. She was SO big and the Forever Your Girl era was so massive. It was like Gaga's Fame-era. And then it was over.
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  20. Let’s not get carried away.

    What’s this trial mentioned between Forever Your Girl and Spellbound?
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