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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Weren't there rumors she didn't do her own singing?

    This was always my favorite performance:

    She's everything Cheryl Cole wanted to be and more.
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  2. She was always multitracked.
  3. One of the Mary Jane Girls started a lawsuit with the accusation that her voice was mixed with Paula's on Forever Your Girl. The case was thrown out but it did damage to Paula's reputation (also note this was around the time of the Milli Vanilli lip-synching fallout).
  4. I hate that Paula is such a forgotten popstar. She had better jams back in the day than Mariah or Whitney.

    Top 5 Paula
    1. Blowin' Kisses In The Wind
    2. Crazy Cool
    3. My Love Is For Real (R&B Mix)
    4. Cold Hearted
    5. Vibeology
  5. 1. Straight Up
    2. The Promise of a New Day
    3. Forever Your Girl
    4. Rush Rush
    5. Crazy Love

    Honorable mentions to Vibeology, Spellbound, and Crazy Cool.
  6. Still amazing.
  7. I always thought that if Paula was going to use a fake voice a la Milli Vanilli/Black Box she would have picked a better voice than that! No offence meant, I love a bit of Paula and she was a brilliant popstar. I was blasting her greatest hits and Shut Up And Dance on the way to work this morning - how good is Cold Hearted (Quiverin' 12")?!
  8. My Top 5 Singles:

    1. Knocked Out
    2. Cold Hearted
    3. Straight Up
    4. (It's Just) The Way That You Love
    5. Rush, Rush
  9. I think Paula has the perfect pop voice. It's obvious on Spellbound she worked hard on her vocals to prove the critics wrong and she did sound good in the concert clips.
  10. KAG


    I'm not a massive Paula fan, however this is one of my favourite performances. She exudes so much confidence and energy, and I love the variation of the choreography and how meticulous it all is.
  11. Head Over Heels flopped because it was the era of grunge and the emergence of hip hop/rap. Most dance based acts started selling less and less, if at all, and good pop music was very hard to come by during the mid '90's in the States. She was set to make a comeback in the late '90's by going on the road with Sweet Charity that got LOTS of attention and lots of talks to take it to Broadway, then she suddenly pulled out of the show at the last minute with no explanation. I was ready for her to make a huge comeback when American Idol hit it big, but it never happened. It's a shame. From friends who've worked with her over the years they say she loves her pain killers from all the injuries she's had over the years. I wonder if that's why she never put the effort into performing again?
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  12. Back in 2004 I was in a tanning bed next to hers. I heard her on the phone saying "Oh you like it when I tease Simon?" in a flirtatious tone.
  13. She provided amazing choreography for "The Tracey Ullman Show".
  14. Somewhere Jeffo blew his load.
  15. I really wished the tan would end so I could go out and run into her in the reception area, but a tan's a tan, I wasn't going to bail for Paula.
  16. Not when Simon's involved.
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  17. She's still really got it and that's a fantastic outfit.
  18. Somewhere Salem Saberhagen is SEETHING.
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  19. Watching that video makes me want new Paula music.

    And to banish James Corden to the seventh level of hell.
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