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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Her voice is weak but you cannot deny the bops. I think Head Over Heels is really a great album (and her best), and My Love Is For Real is my fav Paula tune. It was too late I suppose.
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  2. Yvette Marine from the Mary Jane Girls sang backup on a few songs from Forever Your Girl.

    Marine alleged her voice was blended with Abdul's. The case was dismissed. Paula was called to the stand.
  3. I know I'm in the minority, but I quite like Paula's voice. She had a perfect voice for all those dance pop bops from the first album especially.
  4. YAS! Her performances are always on point and I love how she incorporates technology and screens into them nowadays.

  5. very excited for this !!! hope she actually does some tracks from head over heels other than crazy cool haha
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  6. So now Madonna, Mariah AND Paula???

  7. How come her screen projections are better than the ones we see in big pop shows nowadays?

    Queen of choreo, too. Straight Up still bops hard after 30 years - what a classic.
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  8. You just can't beat a medley!!
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  9. Do you think she's just going to slap bits and pieces from the recent tour together or do something completely new for BBMA's?
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  10. Hmm, who knows. Am sure it be fab either way!!!
  11. While I stan and love her performances for the love of the universe can she throw in HFTM and or DLTNT into the medley for once? I mean damn doing medleys from 30 years ago with nothing at least within the last 15 years?


    (But I will stan and bow as usual!)
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Damn!

    (I'm Just) Here For The Music and Dance Like There's No Tomorrow ring a bell?
  14. I bet most bells would not ring for those tracks.
  15. Here for the Music is trash but I’d be here for Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.
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  16. I'd love a new 2019 song from Paula!
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  17. Let me book my flights now!

    Justice for Vibeology- her finest banger. It slaps so hard.
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  18. Can’t wait for her performance. My mom constantly blasted her songs while I was growing up and the singles still hold up.

    She’s such a skilled entertainer and an absolute beast on stage. Hope the residency is a success for her because history has done her dirty. She’s really due for a re-evaluation by critics.
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