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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I was enjoying Rush Rush earlier and remembered it was massively successful in the US. #1 for five weeks. The longest running chart topper for 7 years (since Like A Virgin).

    It's a forgotten classic.
  2. Indeed it was, which was a very good achievement to say the very least. Also goes to show how big Paula was at the time and how anticipated her first new material in 3 years was.
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  3. And also Rush Rush was a brilliant slow banger. I still love it.
  4. Not only did she Dance Like There's No Tomorrow, Rock the House, and had everyone Spellbound...

    Paula blew wigs in the wind!

    Horny Horns getting it's moment?
    I'm Alright Tonight, indeed!
  5. Am loving how Paula is back and showing she's not lost her touch at all when it comes to those killer moves! Underrated legend this girl.
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  6. And the fact she did a snippet of Vibeology! Too bad the horn section was cut out before it morphed into Opposites Attract - would've made an amazing dance break.
  7. Is there any place to watch the HD performance from the Billboard Awards?
  8. What an (unintentional?) moment.

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  9. Ah, Vibeology, forever an underrated bop!
  10. Paula was amazing last night. She may have stolen the show for me.
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  11. Slayed.
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  12. Now, just give us some new music please, Paula!
  13. The autotuned vocals were horrendous, but THOSE moves when she's 57 next month? Bloody hell.
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  14. The performance was really really good, she looks amazing. But the autotuned vocals were very unnatural, she sounded like a robot.
  15. I’m so happy she got to show the world what an amazing performer she is once more.

    Dancing and stunting her ass off for six minutes not many can relate.
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  16. I'm so proud of my mom.
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  17. My sheer rage at not being able to find this performance anywhere. To not have performances uploaded to you tube in 2019 is the Petty kind of shite I loathe about these events. Arghhhhh
  18. I know - I have been looking everywhere but no luck! I did find one link but the quality was not HD.
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  19. got so emotional watching the performance my god she did that waht a triumphant moment
  20. Cheryl Who?
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