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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Having a little afternoon moment listening to this.

    What a gorgeous song, the lush orchestral arrangement and Paula's vocals sounding better and fuller than ever. The mid-song instrumental is musical nirvana.
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  3. I love paula she really is a shining light , but still pushing the same show since the tour and only 11 songs and no real spectical barr a screen, it's a stretch to call it a show. And she could at least record new vocals to lipsynch to
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  4. Well it was a soft opening and there have been reports that the fall shows are going to be different and longer. As far as the vocals they are all new, she's pre-recorded new vocals for pretty much every song.

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  5. Probably what she was doing in the recording studio.
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  6. 60 million records. 6 no1s. 7 MTV Awards. Grammy Winner (this one especially for the doubters)

    WHEW. Now that's what we call impact.
  7. Superbly underrated single! I wish it got much more love and respect than it does. Fantastic taste there!
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  8. I remember my 7 year old gay ass humming “Promise of a New Day” like it was yesterday when it came out.

  9. Once again, she just looks so so good!!
  10. I hate how none of her Head Over Heels-era performances are available in good quality. She is serving some stunning choreo here:

  11. The whole Head Over Heels era, seems to be poorly represented online it seems.
  12. Pop injustice.
  13. Very much so.
  14. Iconic dance moves status confirmed.

  15. She’s answering questions at 2pm on Twittermusic today!!
  16. Somebody ask if there are any plans for some new music.
  17. Miss Paula has already forgotten the “new” music she released back in 08/09 so I wouldn’t count on that.
  18. To be honest, I had forgotten about that as well...
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  19. Noooo Dance like There's No Tomorrow is a bop. Plus it gave us a quality music video and a quality live performance. Just here for the Music should have been left on Kylie's cutting room floor tho.
  20. I kinda love I'm Just Here for the Music.
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