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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I wish she’d record an EP of new music.
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  2. Now would be the right time too I think.
  3. Currently bopping to her greatest hits, or at least the playlist of them I made. Just one anthem after another.
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  4. This looks amazing! Really hope the residency gets extended seeing as I’ll be in Vegas in April. If only she could still add Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow...
  5. Nice to see My Love Is For Real finally getting some justice. The show is very short, though. With the back catalogue she has she could easily add a few more tracks. And why not a newly written tune as well.
  6. Am still surprised that at least one new song hasn't happened following the past few months.
  7. Considering she's maintained such visibility, it's insane she's only released 2 new songs in 25 years.
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  8. Didn't realise it was as little as that!
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  9. Interestingly although she only does 12 of her own songs, with all the spoken and side segments the show is two hours long in total, per the Billboard review posted a page back.

    It's not t a total loss either since we're getting stuff like this.

    But certainly a few more Paula songs would be more than welcome.
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  10. I think I am content that Paula is the type of artist that I am not expecting anything new and just happy with the 3 albums that she had done and to always look back retrospectively at her career. Subsequent singles since haven't been that great. I can just imagine Randy Jackson producing the whole thing.....and it would taint her discography.
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  11. Didn’t she only do one single since her last album? It’s not like she’s really tried new music. Just a song that was tied into Idol. Maybe I’m forgetting something.
  12. She did two:

  13. Thanks. I did enjoy the first one.
  14. Yup that's how I feel too. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow was a great comeback song, Here for the Music on the other hand should have stayed a Kylie outtake.
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  15. I’m a fan of both songs she’s released. They’re very serviceable and at least gave her two more placings on the BB100.
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  16. I thought both of the songs were alright and actually sounded like Paula Abdul tracks if you ignore the Madame X'd vocals. She could do better, though.

  17. She is such a gif-able person in interviews.

    Werk Miss Paula

    Coming for Meryl Streep's Oscar right here

    And that mic contest in the end, phew those girls were not playing.
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  18. She should get an ABC sitcom next season.
  19. Great new interview talking about Vegas and her work with the LGBT community. There's also professional footage of the show sprinkled throughout the interview which hopefully will see the light of day in full one day.

    Also Paula serving some quiet live vocals here.

    Full press kit. I swear her jumps get higher every time.

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