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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. She really does.
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  3. So Ceasars wants her back at a potentially bigger venue like the one in Paris, which makes sense with Paula saying that she always designed this show for a larger auditorium than the one she played at the Flamingo.

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  4. That’s really good news! Can’t wait to see how things pan out. Also wouldn’t mind a cute little 4 track EP. Just something for the fans.
  5. She is just the sweetest. So genuine and such a source of light and joy.
  6. Yes please to more Paula!
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  7. I hope she does some more dates as I'm going to Vegas later in the year. It would be a dream come true to see Paula.
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  8. Paula is so well suited to Vegas. She has the visual elements and production values to compete with the best productions.
  9. Looking beautiful:

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  11. Yep!
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  12. She’s back in Vegas this summer! Hopefully at a bigger venue.

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  13. Great news
  14. Happy for her! You can tell she loves performing and this way she can regularly do what she loves while making some coin from it. If only she’d throw an EP our way....
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  15. This. Seriously.
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  16. Didn't she say the forthcoming shows would include new music? Unless she meant adding new songs from her backcatalogue.
  17. This 12" gem I ordered arrived today. One of my favourites!


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  18. It's fabulous either way but, like Kylie's "Breathe", the album version of "Crazy Cool" sounds so... slow... after getting used to the sped-up single remix.

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  19. That E-Smoove remix is everything. I wish the full version was on CD, but the edit is enough!
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