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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Definitely underrated!
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  2. See I'm the opposite - I always go for the album version of Crazy Cool with the longer instrumental intro. I feel it does a better job of letting the whole song....breathe I had to.
  3. Head Over Heels isn't a bad album really I think.
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  4. Head Over Heels is my favorite Paula album (sorry)
  5. No need to be! Not when it has moments like this especially:
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  6. Head Over Heels is definitely the strongest Paula album for me. It doesn't have the single highlights of the first and second albums but it's much more cohesive and stellar across the board. And songs like If I Were Your Girl are very much hidden gems.
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  7. Probably my favorite Paula single. I’d say I prefer the pacing and production of the album version but the additional middle-8 just makes the song even more perfect.
  8. Her creativity and knack for staging (on a budget no less) is unparalleled for me.

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  9. Gotta hand it to her in that respect.
  10. She recreated the Forever the Girl video for a new ad #agelessLegend.

  11. I posted this on the TOTP thread a few weeks back but this is a more suitable place ...

    I just played a Paula Abdul song, If I Were Your Girl, from her third album and it was very similar to Jacko's "Librarian" Girl, especially towards the end.

  12. This is so cool.
  13. Is there a recording of her residency anywhere?
  14. Unfortunately the only professional footage we have is the opening night B-Roll.

  15. it's a GREAT album
  16. Would be awesome if she filmed it and released it on DVD.
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  17. I think I prefer to the debut, which is a bit filler despite the fantastic singles.
  18. Head Over Heels... so great. I’ve never listened to Spellbound. I need to get on that.
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  19. You really should. Great early 90's dance pop album with a couple of solid mid tempo moments too.
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  20. OK, I'm on it.
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