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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I think that this didn't help her career at all. Following this, she would never reach #1 again and even the other Spellbound singles were not as successful.
  2. The Promise of A New Day is such an uplifting anthem, love it.
  3. A UK flop. Of course.
  4. For some reason my whole life in my head I thought it got to #12 in the UK - just checked and am horrified to see it was 52?! What's that all about?
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  5. Yes, alas not even top 40. Weeps.
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  6. Very odd especially coming off the back of the massive Rush Rush.
  7. That's the UK singles chart for you. The same charts that didn't contain at least one top 10 hit from Rhythm Nation 1814.
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  8. Watch to the end and look into his eyes.

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  9. Forever your Girl is my ultimate go to even now, over 30 years later, however Spellbound is her best album in my opinion. It was interesting that she worked with The Family Stand (Ghetto Heaven) and Prince and didn't work with anyone from her debut. The expectation would be that she would have at least worked with Eliot Wolff who wrote/produced Straight up. For me I love the diversity of sounds on the album and it some how sounds coherent. The only duff track is Will You Marry Me. She went back to her original producers for the next album, probably expecting to return back to that level of success but the material obviously wasn't strong enough. I know that there are fans on here for Head over Heels, but apart from My Love is For Real I never listen to it. Perhaps if she released another album straight after she may have had that hit that could have resuscitated her career - who knows.
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  10. ^Wrong thread topic I know, so am sorry, but @Shocked, I adore your avatar!
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  11. Paging @Jeffo - I have finally decided to snag Spellbound and Head Over Heels (Japanese editions with mint OBI's for $5 a pop no less) having only heard Forever Your Girl and the Music Club Deluxe Straight Up! Collection (which to be fair has a lot from Head Over Heels). And let me just say, I have to eat every one of my words that disparaged Miss Abdul based on the debut. The singles are great, but I always found the album cuts on Forever Your Girl to be pretty dismal.

    Spellbound, on the other hand, ups the ante completely! Rock House, U (I especially love this), To You and Alright Tonight being stronger than half the singles (the three ballad ones)? Color me shocked.

    Then we get to Head Over Heels which may seriously grow to become one of my favorite albums of the 90's with repeat listens. I already stanned My Love Is For Real, but there is not a stinker anywhere across the 16 tracks on the JP edition (make that 17, counting the bop-side Didn't I Say I Love You). She stepped her game up in every sense. The bops? MASSIVE. Get Your Groove On is probably my fav of them. The R&B lite, sultry moments like the stunning lead and If I Were Your Girl - whew. Where was this flavor on the first two albums?

    I am just so bummed it was a flop for her and she packed it in. She progressively upped the quality with each album and it would have been so cool to see where she would have went with a 1998ish album (Spinning Around being a strong indication). Anyway, I'm stanning.
  12. I Need You and Next To You are so cute tho!!
  13. i agree with this entirely, also she really did that on Crazy Love.
  14. If I Were Your Girl, is stunning.
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  15. Such a fantastic 12" remix. We need Paula album re issues at long last!
  16. My "UK edition" of Shut Up & Dance arrived in the post this weekend. Glad to have the extra mixes, as they're nearly all Shep Pettibone ones and those tend to be my favourites, whoever he's remixing.
  17. Yes, his remixes are excellent.
  18. I love 'I Need You', but is it even her singing on it? Vocally, it just sounds sooo different to the rest of her tracks. To my ears, anyway.
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  19. Honestly I think this is where that lawsuit involving Yvette Marine stemmed from. It does sound different.
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  20. yeah...i do hear paula but her voice is always interchanging with another voice....with Yvette i guess...but the song is CUTE!
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