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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Head Over Heels is a good album. She waited too long to release her third album. By the time she released it, she was seen as passe. I do love My Love is For Real. It seemed to get a lot of airplay and air time from what I recall (at least here in Canada).
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  2. 'My Love Is For Real' was a surprise top 10 hit for her in Australia, after a patchy career of mostly flops with the occasional smash (Opposites Attract, Rush Rush). But its chart run was brief for a top 10 hit, and the album peaked at #27.
  3. They played the video in movie theaters all over the U.S.
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  4. I wonder why Bend Time Back Around wasn't released as a single from the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack. A soundtrack single would've helped to bridge the gap between albums a smidgen.
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  5. Spooky. Literally downloaded her second and third albums yesterday as I realised I'd only ever listened to (and loved) her first. Then saw this thread had been bumped.

    Head Over Heels feels very Madonna Erotica/Bedtime stories, I love it.
  6. Does anyone else like her noughties music?

    She's autotuned to within an inch of her life but they are still basic bops.
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  7. I'm Just Here for the Music is alright (Boombox is the better Kylie reject) but I USE Dance Like There's No Tomorrow.
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  8. The recent live comeback at the Mixtape Festival was so unexpected and she really was on fire! Good vocals and great dancing, like she never was away. Rush Rush is still such an amazing pop song and judging by the clips she sounded great. Hopefully some new music coming up as she announced a (joint)tour for 2017.
  9. She is not a bad live vocalist. The Spellbound tour video is quite good. I love the tone of Paula's voice.
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  10. Although she's hardly an opera singer, and I don't think I've watched her sing live, I've never really understood why she cops so much flack for her voice, when others with similar/'worse' voices rarely rate a mention.

    Maybe it has something to do with that backing singer suing her, not long after the Milli Vanilli scandal.
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  11. I was amazed at how she looks like she never stopped being a popstar - such a great perfomance from what I can see from the dodgy youtube clips. Is there any official footage? It looked like it was streamed...? Or maybe I got that wrong...
  12. The lawsuit did hurt her overall reputation although Spellbound was still a success. It was a bit of a ludicrous lawsuit too. I remember an interview with Yvette Marine and she said that Paula did sing on the album just that her voice was mixed with Paula's.

    I don't think Paula has ever truly gotten the respect she deserves. Even Cher - who I love - shaded her in a Canadian interview when she said "Paula Abdul is not a singer. She's a dancer." The one and only time I was disappointed with Cher.
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  13. Look, in regards to her technical abilities her voice isn't anything to write home about, but from a performance aspect she worked the hell out of the voice she had. Just listen to the way she inflects -- there was a certain joie de vivre in her voice. The best examples are the Forever Your Girl singles (I usually highlight her delivery of The Way That You Love Me personally, but it's evident all about). While there's nothing necessarily wrong with her vocal performance starting with Spellbound, I think things had changed because of that lawsuit and she became a bit more aware of the criticisms. Bless her heart, she tried to prove everyone wrong by being a better singer and she could only go so far.

    Anyway, as pop fans we all know that vocals are only one aspect of the overall pop performance and overall Paula was the consummate performer. A lot like J.Lo, actually, in that she was always passionate and giving 110 percent to the performance.

    I'ma need more information on this because I'm not finding a mention of a tour anywhere.
  14. The woman had SIX consecutive US #1s. Only Whitney "the voice" herself could beat that at the time. She musta been doing something right eh?
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  15. "Dance like there's no tomorrow" is a fucking hell of a pop anthem. Its remixes were incredible.
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  16. Well it was 6 out of 7, '(It's Just) The Way That You Love Me' spoiling the consecutive run. But impressive either way.

    Janet is an equally (if not much more so, IMO) 'weak' vocalist, but she rarely cops the flack Paula does for her voice.
  17. I actually believe I've seen Paula sing genuinely live far more than Janet 'literal Queen of the Art of pre-rec' Jackson.
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  19. I may or may not be hyperventilating right now.
  20. My God, she looks incredible - those legs!

    It's incredible that Paula really hasn't staged a full-fledged tour in this day of huge productions. Her music and choreography is so well-suited to today's production levels.
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