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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Overall cheesiness aside I always thought this was a very nice, melodic song from Paula.

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  2. I wish I could like this one, but gotta be honest, it's never done much for me. Prefer the other two ballad singles from Spellbound.
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  3. Well, if Wiki is to be correct, than this great, great album was officially 30 years old yesterday!
    How appropriate am watching the Spellbound tour tonight then!
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  4. I believe most of the world got 'Spellbound' on or around the 13th of May. It was definitely Tuesday, May 14 in the U.S. Regardless, the CD is currently taking an anniversary spin.

    Yes, I'm being bad and playing the shorter 11 track version...


    The run of songs on the U.S. edition flows so much better without "Will You Marry Me" crammed between "Vibeology" and "U". Instead, "Marry" ends the album and "Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)" is omitted.

    Happy 30th, 'Spellbound'!
  5. I have the Canadian edition and I agree that Will You Marry Me is better as a closing track. Vibeology was a great way to end Side A (I had the cassette). And then U opening Side 2.

    I love Spellbound!
  6. If I remember correctly, this was my first concert. It was amazing.
  7. Wow I just checked Wiki and Spellbound and Promise of a New Day tanked in Europe, dd.
  8. This was such a good cover.
  9. Given this album a 30th anniversary re listen, Rock House really was the single that should have been,
  10. Just Paula blessing the new generation with her iconic dance moves.

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  11. It would be great if she did some dates in the US and UK to celebrate an anniversary and have an excuse to see her on tour again.
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  12. I've been on a Vibeology > Promise of a New Day > The Way that you love me binge

    This triggered a memory of what I was at school, sitting next to my friend in Physics class and his nickname was Mushy, and I started singing Hush Hush, but changing it to Hush Mush and getting kicked out of the class and sent to the headmaster
  13. Just saw this and it reminded me of a podcast interview that I can't source in my memory. Essentially the person being interviewed was talking about Paula's experience of recording Knocked Out. The story was that the experience of working on it was very damaging to her confidence as the producers ridiculed her vocals and refused to have her in the studio after she'd sung a handful of vocal takes.

    As a result the label sent Paula with a chaperone to her later recording sessions with other producers as it was worried that she wouldn't have the confidence to complete the album. I think the guest said that the recording of Straight Up (?) was far more successful and helped restore her confidence.

    I can't for the life of me remember what podcast this was on. It was fascinating though and, if true, would explain why there was no further work with those producers. If anyone has heard that interview or knows the podcast it was on I'd be very grateful.

    *EDIT - This podcast alludes to the story I can remember; Oliver Leiber is the interviewee and says that 'The Way That You Love Me' was also wanted for Chaka Khan:
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  14. Can't listen at the moment but if that's the case, wouldn't that have made things awkward when she was sitting on a panel with LA Reid during the first season of X Factor US?

    Also, doesn't the story go that she recorded the Straight Up demo in Elliot Wolff's bathroom with his neighbor banging on the wall? ddd
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  15. I remember someone said that the only thing LA Reid said about his work on Knocked Out was that the recording process was challenging so I think you may be right.
  16. Thanks, @JamieJ73 really interesting. I always wondered why they only did one song together but that sheds some light.
  17. LAs book stated that there was an exchange of Paula doing choreography for an artist and in exchange he and Banyface gave her a song ... Knocked Out.
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  18. Well things were awkward dd.

    Also a lot of women have said things about him over the years so I kinda believe the story - poor Paula.
  19. Is his book worth reading? I remember reading an excerpt where he talked about how Girlfriend was originally meant for Vanessa Williams until Pebbles worked her magic and landed not just the song, but Mr. Right as well. Lots of horse trading going on, it seems.
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