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Paula Abdul

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Charley, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Yes. It is really good with behind the scenes stories about their music. Whitney. Bobby brown.
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  2. So Paula’s been teasing a big announcement. Anyone wanna guess what it is?
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  3. Mama fed us with that LEWQ!
  4. She has fully transitioned into a zebra.
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  5. Would be awesome if it was new music but not gonna hold my breathe.
  6. She looks so good! I'm hoping for new music but like y'all I doubt it...
  7. Deluxe reissues of the albums please with bonus DVD of the videos.
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  8. Yes please.
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  9. A boxset would be fine, too, she doesn't have that long discography...
  10. Very true-please Paula...
  11. Get on it @Edsel Records! They already did a Music Club Deluxe release for her...
  12. Forever Your Girl especially needs to happen. One of the most iconic dance pop albums of all time after all.
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  13. Forever Your Girl era singles are now on Streaming. That's great news!

    The releases feature extended mixes of the tunes along with a variety of remixes across five digital EPs.
  14. Brilliant news! Hopefully a sign of things to come with a Paula reissue campaign, long overdue.
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  15. FAB!! Certainly brightens up this dreary dull Sunday. Lets hope this could be a good sign for Paula re issues.
  16. Looking at the EPs they seem to be (primarily) based on the CD singles in the UK at the time; which would explain why some of the mixes on the Straight Up and The Way That You Love Me EPs are hugely edited down from the full-length versions. For example the Houseafire Mix of The Way That You... is 6:34, but the CD single edit was 2:53 to make the release comply with the UK chart rules at the time.
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  17. Hopefully Spellbound era EPs will come next.
  18. I never understand why she doesn't released Under My Spell on DVD/BluRay. I think it's a great show.
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  19. Excellent news! Here's to the rest being put up online soon too!
  20. The Straight Up House Mix by Kevin Saunderson... wiiig.
    I was DJing (badly) at a disco (basically filling in for a friend) circa 1989 and I played that Straight Up remix and I love it ever since.
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