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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by iamsuperpop, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. I live in Phoneix, AZ so Paulina Rubio is pretty popular due to the latino/gay population, but I was wondering if she is overseas?

    She's been recording 2 new albums, one in spanish as a follow up to 2004's "pau-latina" and a new english album to follow up "bordergirl." I think she makes amazing dance music..."y yo siguo aqui"(sexual lover in english) is one of the best dance tracks and "don't say goodbye" is pop heaven...

    does anyone know any more info on her new material? all i know is there are 2 albums and a dvd slated to come out...and that her new look maybe fairy....
  2. she is living in my country (spain) with her boyfriend, and a few months ago I read in a music mag she was recording a new studio album in spanish, but she is always in the tabloids because of her relationship and not for her music.

    'apparently' she recorded a follow up from border girl in 2004 and 'apparently' it was produced by pharrel but it never got released.

    the last thing she did was a collaboration on a unplugged album for Coti last year, she performed 2 tracks, Otra Vez and Nada De Esto Fue Un Error (a big hit last year in Spain)

    You're a moron and I don't give a fuck about paulina who??

  4. That's odd, I wouldn't expect her to collaborate with Pharell, he's too bare. She's sooo exciting.
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