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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. I genuinely find that song emotional. It's so strongly reminds of of early day crushes and stupid teenage giddiness that I can;t help but get a bit stirred up.
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  2. I hate that whenever LIZ says new music is coming soon, I get my hopes up. I hope she can still pull through eventually - the music she's released so far is phenomenal. I also hope she can find some kind of balance between her older R&B/early 00's music and PC on her newer stuff.
  3. Super Natural is in my top 5 of this year to be honest.
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  4. God, what a jam. The giant pair of lips acting as SOPHIE's stand-in for the video will never not crack me up.
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  5. I've always loved Le1f so that was incredible.
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  6. So GFOTY has dropped a new mixtape/album/EP thingy. It's available for purchase, too.


    1. Mr. E
    2. Blown
    3. Lemsip
    4. Snakes + Ladders
    5. The Argument
    6. Wood U
    7. You Don't
    8. Call Him A Doctor
    9. Heaven
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  7. Island

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  8. She actually put out two albums. One solo and the other one is a collaboration with Spinee. The collaborative one is more electronic and standard PC Music, while the solo one is kind of pop rock-inspired (?) and it's got ballads (!!!) on it (or something that somewhat resembles a ballad).
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    GFOTY is my Nadia Oh successor.
  10. The Dog Food album is just the two Dog Food mixes from last year compiled and in seperate tracks. The mixes also include bizarre interludes which make the whole thing even more ridiculous.

    Call Him a Doctor is amazing (if one can stomach GFOTY). The guitars are a first for PC Music and they do evoke a sense of pop rock indeed. I found the title track with all the bleeps particularly hilarious. (The best part is when she casually drops the word dick a few seconds later.)
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  11. Call Him A Doctor (the song) is fucking incredible.

    Actually wait the whole album is amazing.

    WAIT Lemsip just destroyed me what the fuck is happening?
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  12. Hannah Diamond has announced an EP called Reflections.


    She also said she's still working on her debut album, as well as some sort of magazine. The EP will include "Fade Away" and "Shy", which she's teased in a Ray Ban short film (somewhere around the 9-minute mark).
  13. YES, more Hannah Diamond
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    Thank God.
  15. Where do I get the GFOTY albums??
  16. Hey guys, do we have any news about Danny L Harle's debut album? :)
  17. I don't Bip Ling is actually at all related to PC Music, she just happens to make similar music in a similar place to PCM. Much like Kero Kero Bonito really (although I think KKB does have some ties to Pc Music, Felicita did a remix of one of their songs. But I think that may have been before he was signed).
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  18. Yeah, definitely only a loose connection but it's my civic duty to plug Bip Burger at any opportunity.
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