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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. With GFOTY and Hannah set to release next year, I am very pleased.
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  2. “Uploading....”


  3. SOPHIE’s remix albums?
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  4. I can’t tell if you’re pulling a @Vasilios or if you’re serious.

    But SOPHIE isn’t part of PC Music so they wouldn’t be releasing it.
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  5. Oh I didn’t know she wasn’t apart of PC music, my bad.
  6. PC Music vol. 3?
  7. I need to be in a certain mood to enjoy Tommy's stuff but "Winaloto" is still that bop for me and let me just be a little proud that someone from my country is having some international exposure.
  8. I don’t know if you listened to the new album yet, but it’s pretty different compared to his previous stuff. Much more in line with PC Music.
  9. I've very often liked the production on his songs. It's the vocals/delivery I'm not always in the mood for. I haven't fully listened to the new album yet but I'm on it.

  10. My wallet is scared
  11. Hurry, y’all!

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  12. The design on the CDs is unreal

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  13. Ugh! I hate them! Why release this so close to Christmas? I will not have any money left to treat myself with this
  14. Month of Mayhem LP purchased... the only gift my family members will be receiving this holiday is 1UL absolutely blaring throughout the entire house xx
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  15. The graphic design of these two physical releases is outstanding. It's almost like they only do these to post the stunningly glossy digital renders (and to eat too, I guess)
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  16. This is the treat.
  17. GFOTY is apparently branching out from PC Music in the new year. Curious to see where she goes musically from here
  18. Dddd this trashy 00s dance song is a scream. Ok GFOTY I see you.
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