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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Hi guys! I obviously want to listen to 7G ASAP. But I really just have no idea how bandcamp works. I’ve worked out how to listen on the bandcamp APP but it’s a tad inconvenient because I don’t use it for anything else. I normally use Spotify and then upload files to Dropbox to listen to for the things I can’t get on Spotify. I’m going to buy the album either way... I’m just wanting to know is there away I can get the purchase files over to Dropbox or even better to Spotify? This may seem like stupid but I’m just completely out of the loop with bandcamp.
  2. He's not gonna put it on Spotify is he?

    No idea about the bandcamp situation, sorry
  3. Don’t they send you the files to download?
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  4. Yes, a Peggy Gou album and a 12" I got from them was available as a download.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 12.39.15.png
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  5. I can confirm that the album is on Spotify.
  6. Who’s? Because it’s certainly not mine!

    Edit: HA. It’s not the 12th. I’m walking out as we speak.
  7. Oh yay my Bandcamp preorder is in!

    Screaming at the album being...1.7 GB in lossless.
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  8. Which song has Caroline Polachek on it?
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  9. 7G is very good! Loving it way more than I expected; I was worried it would be a bunch of demos or songs that didn't work on other projects. This is so much fun and super interesting.
  10. Idyll but she doesn’t sing on it. It’s, I don’t know best to describe it, a vocal run that’s been used?
  11. I’m really pissed off I spent £30.00 on it because I was convinced it wouldn’t go onto streaming but it is what it is. Good album though!
  12. So no physical release then?
  13. I am enjoying this way more than I expected. It kinda feels like a soundtrack to some amazing indie RPG game. It's very lovely.
  14. Thank you. So it’s similar to the screeching she was doing to ducks during the live stream?
  15. I didn’t see the livestream so I couldn’t possibly say, sorry!
  16. No - it’s a vocal sample from Caroline pitch-shifted to match the melody of IDL.
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  17. I keep mistaking AG's voice for Imogen Heap as I listen through this. King of vocals.
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  18. Ok but this collab would end me.
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  19. And it's INCREDIBLE
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