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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Why could most of this easily pass as a blink 182 song?
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  2. Suddenly I'm craving a cover of Feeder's High from A. G.

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  3. I'm getting flashbacks to Owl City, but make it good.
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  4. Muted a minute and a half through and just watched the dog.
  5. I’m still largely underwhelmed by 7G but hoping I’ll enjoy this new record more now my expectations aren’t as unrealistic.
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  6. Same boat, I literally took "Show Me What" and ran. I understand that it's a production album versus a traditional but.. it ain't for me.
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  7. "Oh Yeah" is so sweet. A.G. Cook putting himself in the spotlight is wonderful.
  8. Has Danny left PC Music? His new banger was released under Basscon Records.
  9. He might still be signed one way or another, but I know he released the Broken Flowers EP under Columbia.
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  10. I think it's technically Lil Texas' record, and he's with Basscon. That or it's a one-time thing - the artwork even has the Basscon logo.
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  11. I’m not sure how formal any of them being ‘signed’ to PC is.
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  12. Xxoplex is out. I expected Apple to be the poppier & vocal-oriented side of A.G. compared to the instrumental-heavy 7G but guess not!

    Also another PC Music virtual fest / album release party is coming. The "Golden Ticket" pass gets you an IDL-sampled Caroline Polachek remix of Oh Yeah + more.

  13. Xxoplex is basically A. G.'s L.O.V.E. ddd. There are elements of it that I like but it's a bit...much at the moment
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  14. Have you girlies heard Lil Mariko's music? She's Japanese-American and mixes like.. valley girl PC vocals (nn) with screamo-ish stuff in some parts.. (I did a search for her on PJ but nothing popped up, so..)

    It probably leans more into like 100gecs category style of PC music (like, loud/chaotic ddddd), but I haven't seen anyone really mention her on here!

    and she released a newie a couple days ago (this preview has the screamo vocals):

    Also sorry if this isn't the right thread dddd
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  15. My nickname in Spain.

    Don't Touch is a bop!
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