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Pepsi & Shirlie

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Oct 3, 2021.

  1. That’s the cover to the original single no?
  2. You should listen to it. It’s surprisingly strong. You would expect 3-4 obvious singles and a load of filler but not so.

    Heartache is amazing obviously but I think singles 2&3 were also great. Why Can’t Give Me Love bombed I’ll never know. Hightime is also great but maybe too subtle and damage had already been done with the All Right Now single.
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  3. I'll definitely give one of the versions a spin. My head's in late 1987 at the moment anyway, what with finally getting NOW10.
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  4. The Pepsi & Shirlie album is much better than you think it's going to be. Every song is really strong bar All Right Now, it always irked me that they named the album after the only cover and the worst song on it! Heartache or Hightime would have been much better titles.

    Outside of the singles What's Going On Inside Your Head? and Crime of Passion (which Pepsi & Shirlie both produced themselves) are brilliant. The expanded Cherry Pop reissue also includes Feels Like The First Time, Dreaming and It's A Shame which are all bops.

    I think you will really enjoy the Jellybean remix of Hightime

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  5. I stole the 12" of Goodbye Stranger from a radio station I worked in and it had a brilliant Heartache remix plays Dreaming - I was shocked it wasn't on the album but then realised it rips off Baby Jane too much and that's why it remained a b-side.
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  6. So I got both my versions of the album out....first stage was to play the original CD. It is indeed better than I would have expected. And as @Vasilios said, it serves the bops in a very JHJ/Swing Out Sister/CKTC kind of way that the 1987 me just wasn't interested in noticing. I think Heartache was overplayed on local (Capital) radio, and then the puffball skirts look didn't help. But it's perfectly produced and an obvious smash.

    High Time (original) is fab, so I expect I'll love the Jellybean remix even more. Some of the tracks sound like they're made in a broom cupboard by contrast, but there isn't a track I don't like. Even the All Right Now cover is interesting in a car-crash way. The Cherry Pop reissue has a 7" mix, so maybe that'll be an improvement. I'll play the extra tracks on the reissue next time.
  7. The book is so interesting too. Lovely ladies.
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  8. Okay, so I played the rest of the CDs....the remixes, b-sides, etc.

    Definitely underrated them at the time (my loss, I suppose), but like others said, I can see why they were doomed and didn't last. A mixture of questionable singles choices, bad timing, lack of clear direction. Normally I would be saying "why didn't they....?" do this or that, but reading the Cyndi book I wonder how much sexist crap they had to put up with, and how little utlimate say they might have had on some things.

    The "bonus" SAW track(s) on the reissue are a major case in point. They're not terrible as such, but they just sound and feel totally against what the original vibe of P&S appeared to be...strong British pop girls with a certain attitude. Late 80s SAW passive drivel more suited to a Sonia B-side or some soap wannabe was surely not the way to go.

    That's why I liked Dreaming and It's A Shame. Not perfect (and my goodness I can see what you mean about the Baby Jane "similarity"!) but they play to their strengths more. They should have been steered more in that direction...the Coldcuts, D-Mobs....I suppose Cathy Dennis and Lisa Stansfield came along soon after. Hightime (Jellybean Mix) deserved to be a smash, I'd literally not heard it until this week.

    I also love Can't Give Me Love even though it sounds like a Go West track from 1985. (Well, that's probably why).
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  9. Heartache
    Can’t Give Me Love
    Goodbye Stranger
    Lovers Revolution
    Crime Of Passion
    What’s Going On Inside Your Head

    All bops.
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  10. Actually shocked that Goodbye Stranger made #9!! Somehow my memory had it down as a #25.
  11. Had a little listen to the album today in the car. Never heard the extended version of Can’t Give Me Love and it was a nice surprise to have a few extra lines of vocal in it…. Also forgot about that bit in Lovers Revolution that sounds suspiciously like a Funky Drummer sample? So they influenced George Michael and not the other way round!
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  12. I thought of this last wee too ha!
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