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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by august8pm, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Perfume for Beginners

    How I got introduced. One of the least representative songs musically, but a tour de force. You'll see why and I wouldn't do it justice if I told you. If the techno doesn't grab you (but it should), don't worry, nothing else sounds like it, really.

    The breakthrough song of their career released in 2007. The video is from their 2010 10th anniversary concert for 50,000 people at Tokyodome. And it's the finale. A-Chan - the unofficial "spokesperson" and my favorite - starts to cry a couple times (after the looped 'polyrhythmic" part, she covers her face with her hand, that's not part of the choreography) - which I find really touching. I've covered my face a few times watching it, too, if I'm honest.

    Chocolate Disco
    Apparently, every single person in Japan knows this song. I've seen tens of thousands of people jump up and down in unison to this song. Sadly, that video has been removed from YouTube. It was their first massive hit and is nothing less than Pop As Crack. A note on the title: There's a lot of wordplay going on. "Chocolate" refers to the chocolate candy girls give for Valentine's Day, but it's also rhymes with the name for the malls where you find the colorful gift shops that sell it. (I may have a nuance incorrect there, but you get the idea.)

    Thanks to Pen Expers, who noted the following omission:

    Natural ni Koishite
    What "ABC" by Jackson 5 would sound like if it had been written for a Japanese girl group in 2010. Possibly Nakata's airiest production. As Pen Expers noted, this was many people's first exposure to Perfume. Several music blogs not necessarily known for promoting pure pop fell in love this track. That it's also a fabulous commercial for Japanese sportswear brand Natural Beauty Basic only adds to the brilliance.

    Love the World
    One of my favorite songs for every reason you can think of, but the vocal harmonies and subtle key changes stand out to me. The choreography is probably my favorite - and that's saying a lot.

    A recent single that relaxes the tempo, but goes apeshit with musical ideas. The bridge alone changes key four times. Four times.

    Spice (Live Edit)
    I included this for the choreography. Watch the domino effects and split-unison moves here. Amazing.

    Dream Fighter]]Dream Fighter
    A Popjustice fans favorite, Dream Fighter is one of those "Perfume with an accent" songs - definitely the same language, but inflected and colored differently. Decidedly grander, too. The more-powerful-and-upfront-than-usual vocals stand out instantly, as do the complex, dense-as-kevlar backing harmonies. Echoing keyboards lines rise into space and disappear over and grumbling, agressive bass line. Hooks everywhere and a remarkable bridge, too. A standout in their catalogue.

    Extra: Ceramic Girl
    I just love this song. It is also shows close up that a mere mortal would struggle just learning the choreography for the right hand.

    Extra: Disco! Disco! Disco!
    If you want a crash course, here's a whole concert from 2009 that took place at Yoyogi Arena.

    I have no idea how it got and stayed on YouTube, but there it is. Concert starts at 5:37. I think the clips at the beginning give some context for what led up to this very big show. Several Favorite Performances in here. Not to mention the Yoyogi Disco Mix, a career-spanning medley extravaganza of every single they didn't have time to do in full. It has to be seen to be believed at 1:05:38.

    Modified Original Post
    Subject: Perfume Is Global

    Universal signed Perfume globally and released JPN, their latest album, in 50 countries on iTunes. Where are the parades? The tears? Stuffed animals falling from the sky? Am I alone in believing this to be Capital "I" Important to Pop? Go directly to Polyrhythm, Natural ni Koishite, Spice, GLITTER, One Room Disco, Fushizen na Girl, Edge (Yes. Do go.), and on and on. That's important pop music, kids.

    I know, I know: what about the lip synch? Well, someone brilliant in the Perfume camp (I assume Yasutaka Nakata, the musical genius behind them) must have thought: "Processed and filtered and auto tuned vocals can't be replicated live, so why bother trying and failing, let's just be bloody Honest About It and substitute live vocals for the most insane and complex choreography executed with the accuracy of robots by these charming, demure young women. And add lasers." I'll go along with that.


    Thank you, 3Xs, for the picture.
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  2. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Perfume Is Global

    It's weird they are releasing no English songs but I guess that's their quirkiness.
  3. 3Xs


    Re: Perfume Is Global

    No? Pretty much everyone in the J-Pop thread was freaking out when it was announced!

    Label heads talking in detail about Perfume's deal to Reuters.

    That they're not releasing songs in English (or not fully in English, as their songs already have phrases and bits of English intermixed) is not an issue as far as I'm concerned.

    Also "Global" is a bit of a misnomer at this point, as Universal has made it clear they're taking a gradual approach to Perfume. This is not some K-Pop like race to the west, as far as I can tell. Releasing videos on youtube and music to iTunes globally is just good business sense and I fully look forward to that. Any sort of world domination is to be seen, but their new deal is exciting nonetheless. Perfume are in fact the best girl group in the world right now, and they should be treated as such.
  4. Re: Perfume Is Global

    I hope they absolutely smash. It would really open up the gates for other J-pop artists.

    Also, I hope you noticed the J-Pop thread? Although a separate thread would certainly open up more discussion.
  5. Re: Perfume Is Global

    I would like a separate thread! Nakata Yasutaka is pretty much the only J-pop I want to follow in any detail.

    Generally, Perfume's appeal is high-concept and digestible enough, I think, that their lyrics could be secondary. Singing holograms! What's not to love, really? I don't think they'll smash, but I think they can easily find an audience (a small, cult audience, but an audience nonetheless) whereever they go.

    Still… while it's nice that they're putting things out in ways that make it slightly easier for fans not in Japan to exchange money for services rendered, and this is certainly a start, there is still no way for me to buy a physical copy of Triangle for less than $exorbitant.99 so I will say "eh" until such a time comes.
  6. 3Xs


    Re: Perfume Is Global

    I think there's been talks to start a Perfume thread for like over a year or something ridiculous like that, so if this could just serve as a general Perfume thread that would be great.

    Perfume's new single "Spring of Life", out next month

  7. Re: Perfume Is Global

    Oooh a Perfume thread! Can we rename it 'Perfume (General Discussion)' or something?

    Very much looking forward to Spring of Life.
  8. Re: Perfume Is Global

    I will forever stan for these flawless Goddesses.
  9. Following several heartwarming suggestions to do so, I renamed the thread for general use. I hope that's not a moderator-only thing to do.
  10. I'm glad they have their own thread now, that J-Pop thread is waaaaaay to confusing. Agreed that they're the best girl group in the world right now, they've yet to let me down musically.
  11. You should add a picture of the members in the introduction for Perfume too.
  12. 3Xs


    Yes that would be nice. This promo from Universal is their latest photo


    Kashiyuka, Nocchi, A-chan
  13. I'm confused. They're making JPN available on iTunes worldwide? Is that news?
  14. 3Xs


    It's been news for a while now, yeah. It's already on there.
  15. No, I mean WHY is that news? Are they promoting it anywhere else? Or is this just being digitally released on iTunes with no promo and the hopes that people will just happen upon this Japanese girl group in their free time?
  16. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Amazing. They have their own well-deserved thread now. They're a fantastic group!
  17. Um, I think that pretty much covers the basics. I didn't really go in-depth with the singles and B-sides.
  18. 3Xs


    Huh? That's not even the point. They're releasing it on iTunes so international fans have the chance to buy it. They're not promoting anything at this point. That's what I meant when I said they're taking a 'gradual' approach.

    LightningRider that post is lovely but unfortunately you hyperlinked incorrectly and none of the links work!
  19. That was my question. The first post on this thread was acting like this was some noteworthy news, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting it.
  20. 3Xs


    Well it IS noteworthy news. They're signed to Universal now, are going to be releasing stuff worldwide and maybe even touring / promoting in other places in the world at some point in the future. The article I linked explains a lot of that.
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