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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by august8pm, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Well, they are remastered. It all boils down to whether you'll like the new remaster or not.
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  2. So what exactly did they do? Are the songs even louder or did they work on some of the brickwalling-issues?
  3. The album isn't out yet, all we know is that Nakata did remaster the tracks.
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  5. ssa


    Hence my "it's so quiet in here".
    Not like it's a tiny little detail, especially if we end up getting 4 discs of drastically reworked songs.

    And since the production is basically the only thing that gets criticised when it comes to them it would make sense to see some more interest in the end result.

    But I guess we'll know tomorrow.
  6. The thing is remasters are no always noticable. It's not like he changed the arrangements or made album exclusive mixes. I'm listening right now and I'm not really hearing that much of a difference, but I'm not really paying attention either.
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    Ah, yeah, absolutely.
    I guess I had my hopes too high for something meaningful to come out of that.

    Enjoy your listen!
  8. You know, I hear some differences in the end. Like on "edge" the softer backing vocals are a lot more prominent to me. I don't remember hearing them that well before. And both "Nee" and "FAKE IT" don't feel as headache-inducing as before as well, dddd.
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  9. Anyone know if a vinyl release is likely?
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  10. I’m definitely hearing small differences.
    Nakata and his love for weird transitions, I’ve spotted some use of the flanger and random beat switches in tracks like Computer City, Party Maker. MY COLOR’s synths seemed more prominent in the mix this time around as well.

    Why they went with the weak vuvuzela-centric mix of Magic of Love and Electro World sans intro baffles me.
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  11. The further I went the more little nuances I heard. It's all kinda refreshing.
  12. 'Challenger' is really great. I love that offbeat synth stab right before the chorus. Excited for the choreo!
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  13. sorry for bumping this thread but I'm gonna host my first rate and it's for Perfume soon (i don't know when yet) so anyone who wants to participate let me know!
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  14. The rate has been long overdue. This is going to be great.
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  15. New song in this trailer

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  16. Oh wow, sounds really good.
  17. so. many. 11s
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  18. Geez, now you've got me thinking and I'm not sure about mine...
  19. Enter the Sphere. Easy
  20. Radio rip of the new song, 再生 (Saisei).

    There's a lot of live instruments (drums, piano, etc.), so I'm pleasantly surprised. I would love if this was the blueprint for the next album.
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