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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by august8pm, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. The Challenger music video is here.

    They ran a contest for video ideas and an 11 year old Japanese boy, Hiroto, won. You can watch him presenting his concept to the girls here.
  2. Challenger and Break My Heart music videos being out today?

    My girls keeping me fed during these difficult time <3
  3. That is a lovely video, so many cute moments like the one when they suddenly stop dancing because their hearts start to glow.
  4. New single "Time Warp" is out September 16.


    1. Time Warp
    2. Saisei
    3. Time Warp -Original Instrumental-
    4. Saisei -Original Instrumental-
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  5. Putting "Saisei" is a bit cheap after this much time, but I'm still excited.
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  6. I love these two-tone outfits so much, they're so striking. Even without hearing anything, the visual side of this release is making me perched.

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    I love the fact that they're actually acknowledging that it's their 20th anniversary in music. That just makes the Beehive era stan in me happy.
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  8. This 'news' is literally the highlight of the past few days for me to be honest, queens single-handedly cured my depression! and I'm so obsessed with that photo and their outfits.
  9. Hope the new single is as good as its title.
  10. Radio rip of Time Warp is here!

    The sonic throughline between this and Saisei is strong. To me, the next album feels like it's shaping up to be very JPN 2.0 which seems appropriate given that 2021 will be its 10th anniversary.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. They weren't lying about the future nostalgia vibe! I'm in love with those plucky YMO-esque synths. The evils of future bass have been defeated etc.
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  13. Ooh, I'm really digging the verses! Not so sure about the bridge + chorus, but maybe the full version will make more sense. First impression - I like it!
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  14. I'm into this but where is the album?

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    3 or 4 more singles and then we'll get it!
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  16. So... 2023?
  17. Love this, the guitars are surprisingly refreshing.
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  18. I'm trying hard to like Time Warp but its just so........meh. Not bad tho and I love the sounds throughout. Plus its just great to hear their voices on something new again, but Nakata really isn't trying.
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  19. The choreography's good, the artwork's good... if I really think about it, even though a new B-side would have been ideal, 'Time Warp' + 'Saisei' = a pretty strong single.

    This might be my favorite release since 'Relax in the City / Pick Me Up,' so I'll proceed with cautious optimism!
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