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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by august8pm, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I keep thinking about this ddd. Gone are the days of Perfume singles with completely new B-sides... And their B-sides are often just as good as the A-sides if not better - Ijiwaruna Hello, Koi wa Zenkei Shikei, etc.
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  2. Considering how physical singles in general are on the decline, I'm surprised they decided to release it in the first place. They do have quite a faithful fanbase, so it is bound to sell some copies.
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  3. Hooray!

    Another case of a strong video saving a single:

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    .....Short Ver.

    I'm tired of this.....
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  5. Usually they’ll upload the full version a few days after the release date but yeah... it’s 2020. The Japanese music industry is only one left in the world that still sticks with this outdated release strategy.
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  6. Looks interesting! This is totally out of left-field, but the zooms & rewinds kind of remind me of the music video for 'Imitation of Life' by R.E.M.
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  7. Great video!

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  8. Billboard Japan interviewed them for the release of Time Warp. tl;dr they talk about their 15th & 20th anniversary, milestone achievements, plus performing and promoting during COVID. There are some interesting tidbits though - apparently Nakata always "writes ahead" of where Perfume currently are, and that Time Warp and Saisei are indicative of the sound they're going for this era (thank god).
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  9. "Time Warp" hasn't left my mind since the radio rip. And the music video is a delight. They just keep on winning.
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  10. Did anyone here attend POP Fes? I'm so tempted to purchase the VOD pass. Apparently there are 14+ hours of subtitled (!!!) variety segments from Perfume recorded just for the festival, plus a special performance of Time Warp.
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  11. I didn't as I was too busy (though I am considering buying a pass to watch this weekend) but my friend did and he said it was worth it for the performance alone. They did a half hour set using live projection mapping technology and from what I saw it was some amazing work.

    Also yes, the main segments were subtitled but I don't believe the others were (the ones that are just free to watch on their Youtube channel) but that's still 6 hours of content which seems well worth the price to me.
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  12. I have to say, on first hearing I was disappointed. But now I am convinced it's their best thing since 'Pick Me Up'.

    I'm also still gobsmacked that it's less than.3 minutes and has no middle eight but delivers in a similar way to 'One Room Disco'.
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  13. 3Xs


    Just popping in to say Time Warp is pretty lovely. It's nice to hear them on something more poppy and lyrical and less... noisy. I like how it hearkens back to their first album too.
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  14. Currently watching this and mmhhmm the Butterfly and VOICE Reframe performances... I'm getting emotional.

    Got the original video so you don't have to look through the whole thing

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  15. The full Reframe show is now on Netflix. Whoop!
  16. Finally - Perfume are on the Primavera Sound 2022 lineup, playing the second weekend!
  17. The new song called Polygon Wave will be released on July 2.
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  18. Polygon Wave, which will also serve as the theme song for Masked Singer Japan, just premiered on radio. There's a full HQ rip of it out there but I believe it's against forum rules to post it since there's a download so here's them jamming to it on Instagram live.

    It's giving sophisticated GAME vibes. The accompanying visuals are stunning as well.

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  19. 3Xs


    Polygon wave is the most perfect title for a Perfume song. It sounds like a classy bawp too.

    I'm glad they're moving away from just pure noise-pop and back to something a little more delicate. That always suited them better.
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  20. This sounds fantastic. I'm so excited to hear it in HQ. It has a 'Level3'-sounding dark & glossy stomp to it.
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