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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by august8pm, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. It's great.
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  2. Their best in years.
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  3. This is really good and sounds like early-2000s Perfume!
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  4. This is excellent and much like all the post-Future Pop releases, makes me feel like Yasutaka has been on a journey of rediscovering his roots recently. Hasn't it been a while since we heard these French house / nu-disco influences on their music? The nostalgia. It helps that these synths remind me of Zero Gravity among other oldies too.

    I'm ready for a new album at this point.
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  5. 3Xs


    Yeah, that's pretty massive. I've been bopping to it all week.
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  6. Fumin
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  7. No words.
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  9. Polygon Wave EP will be out September 22.


    • Polygon Wave (Original Mix)
    • ∞Loop
    • Android&
    • Polygon Wave (Remix)
    • Polygon Wave (Instrumental)
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  10. ∞Loop? Android&? Oh they're in their Triangle bag again. Praying that the Polygon Wave remix is not EDM-style though.
  11. Interesting. Wonder why the two new songs don't get the instrumental versions, since all of their b-side have had them.
  12. I'd heard MIKIKO was supposed to be producing the whole thing (she did the Japan section of the handover at Rio). I know they changed it all because of last year, but I'd love to see MIKIKO's vision come to life...
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  13. Obsessed with Kashiyuka's cropped jacket-unitard combo. A fashion icon.
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  14. This really is their best song in almost 10 years, isn't it? Blown away.
  15. Now come on now, that's a bit much. Surely people here don't really like "Future Pop", but your statement makes it sound like they didn't release anything worthwhile since "JPN", which is a stretch.
  16. LEVEL3 had some excellent tunes too for sure! But this is easily the strongest song they’ve put out since JPN-it takes me back to their imperial phase in the best way possible.
  17. A dance practice video from Perfume? Please give whoever’s in charge of their promotion at Amuse a raise because they’ve finally caught up with the times.
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  18. So, a lot happening today. First off, happy 16 years to Linear Motor Girl and Perfume's major debut!

    The Polygon Wave music video premieres in 6 hours. They will also hold a live chat for the premiere.

    Here's a preview of the music video.

    And lastly, the Polygon Wave EP drops at midnight. (Though it's out there on a certain site for J-pop uploads...)

    Merry Perfume Christmas!
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  19. They're performing the Original Mix this week so we'll hopefully see some choreography for that slick breakdown.
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