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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by august8pm, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. 3Xs


    It's literally a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song but it's cute.
  2. I don't know about that. It would perfectly on Complete Best or Game.
    They're just really hit and miss for me at the moment (as in, for the past 3 or 4 years now). Time Warp was brilliant fun. Polygon Wave was a great package of tracks. Flow is a disappointment and the b-side Mawaru Kagami is a strong track, but a throwback to Perfume circa 2009.
  3. New album PLASMA dropping on July 27.

    Edit: 12 songs, including Saisei, Time Warp, Polygon Wave, Flow & Sayonara Plastic World. So we've heard about half the album at this point (unless they've been remixed).
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  4. Can you already pre-order it?
  5. I just checked and pre-orders are up on all stores.
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  6. Thanks. I will check what is the cheapest option for Europe.
  7. Tracklist and profile shot are out.

    1. Plasma
    2. Time Warp (v1.1)
    3. Polygon Wave (Original Mix)
    4. Saisei
    5. Spinning World
    6. Mawarukagami
    7. Flow
    8. ∞ loop
    9. Drive'n The Rain
    10. Hatenabito
    11. Android &
    12. Sayonara Plastic World
    Plasma, Spinning World, Drive'n The Rain and Hatenabito are the new songs. So that makes 4 songs we haven't heard yet, unless you count Time Warp and Mawarukagami since they're new versions.

    The album covers will be released on June 9. Spinning World and its music video will be digitally released ahead of the album on July 15.
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  8. So I guess Plasma track will basically serve as an intro.

    Saisei - it is more than 2 years old. I wonder why there is no new version.

    The new photo is lovely.
  9. The art direction! These are easily some of their best album covers.

    Limited Edition


    First Press Edition


    Regular Edition

  10. Covers of the year. They outdid themselves.

    I just ordered:
    Perfume - PLASMA [CD + 2DVD] [Limited Edition / Type B]
    Hikaru Utada - BAD Mode [Regular Edition]
    TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) - The Dream Chapter: Magic
    TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) - The Chaos Chapter: Freeze
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  11. Love the covers, but yeah, if any song deserved an album version it's "Saisei".
  12. Spinning World just premiered on radio.

    This is honestly one of their best lead tracks ever. Loving the 80s influence and the breakdown is bonkers.
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  13. Double post but album preview is up.

  14. It may be too soon to call it a return to form but so far it does sound like what a follow-up to Level3 would've turned out to be had Yasutaka Nakata not taken their music to other places with Cosmic Explorer and Future Pop.
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  15. This is GREAT! The album sounds like such a massive win so far. Ive already gushed about how some of the prerelease tracks are some
    of their best in years so Id agree this is a huge return to form. This in particular song sounds like the same sonic world as the most recent capsule release.
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  16. I wonder if Mawarukagami will be different than the version that is included on Flow single.

    We still do not know how the new version of Time Warp sounds like.
  17. I’m struggling with new Perfume, the songs just don’t have IT anymore, for me.

    I used to be a huge fan, I’ve been to see them live twice and would force anyone I knew to listen to them, but I can’t even be bothered listening to some of the new stuff which I’m kinda gutted about to be honest.
  18. As much as I hate the narrative that Nakata had "lost" it for a while (Cosmic Explorer was mostly a flop but I still have a fondness for the gentle Future Pop) I have to admit that ever since "Saisei" came out (still an instant Top Ten Perfume Song for me) he seems to have found a renewed inspiration (same with the last KPP album) and I'm really looking forward to this new album.
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  19. 3Xs


    I don't think Nakata ever truly lost it but it did feel like he was just going through the motions for a while. From these new clips though I'm feeling excited for a new Perfume album for the first time in a long time. The music, the visuals, all of it actually feels inspired rather than just "it was time to make another album."
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  20. Completely blown away by Spinning World, and the album as a whole sounds completely insane!? Don’t want to get hyperbolic but this really is potentially shaping up to be their best since L3, if not Triangle. Man it feels good to have the girls and Nakata back at the top of their game.
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