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Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Describe makes me tear up with its nostalgic yearning; sonically it feels almost like it could fit on Madonna’s Music.

    His love it felt like ribbons
    An echo in the canyon

    On the Floor serving too, the choreo! The growth with each era. A King.
  2. On The Floor is absolutely phenomenal.
    What a moment
  3. I still can’t get over it. It’s the perfect lead single for him and the album. With Describe being the perfect teaser.

    I wonder if this album is gonna be delayed for obvious reasons?
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  4. I don’t know. I think albums will only be delayed for superstar level artists who rely on heavy promotional opportunities.
  5. But if he can’t tour, which he usually does with a new album. I’m not surprised if he delayed it.

    We definitely need the distraction KING. Don’t do a Lady Googs on us, Mike!
  6. Perfume Genius the gay Dua Lipa confirmed
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  8. EURGH. I love ON THE FLOOR so much. And I can’t wait for the alberm.
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  9. On The Floor is maybe my most played song of the year at this point
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  10. Last Fm informs me its my second most played with my third being Describe. My first is Stupid Love dddd
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  11. Having a real moment with Describe recently. The outro just takes me somewhere really fantastic.
  12. His Insta-stories always send me.
  13. I’ve never listened to him... is he anything like Grimes? He’s the number one recommendation on her Spotify page.
  14. According to my, Grimes is my 91st most listened to artist and Perfume Genius is my 14th. I’ve been a fan of them both since 2012 but I find Mike way better! I can see similarities on a superficial level possibly.
  15. Will probably give him a spin! Any recommendation on where to start?
  16. So jealous you are about to dive in. I’d try Queen as a starting point which is probably his most accessible single. Too Bright is in my opinion his album with most similarity to Grimes.

    Check out the video for Hood. That’s where I first got hooked in. I’ve never got into his debut Learning as it’s too bedroom DIY for my tastes but everything there after is pretty faultless. Enjoy.
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  17. I’ll add the song to my playlist and chuck the album on when I’m reading! Cheers.
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