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Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. I don't really know anything about Perfume Genius except that On The Floor is absolutely delightful, so I'm excited to have a new album to jump into and maybe work backwards from in exactly one day!
  2. Same. Can’t believe we got Fiona + Perfume Genius THIS YEAR ALONE.

    A beacon of positivity in these trying times. What a gift from these two unrivalled talents.
  3. After living with the record for a couple of weeks... y'all are right to be excited. Where No Shape was expansive and grandiose at large, Mike turns inward for this one and writes some of his most affecting, visual (not grotesque as in the first albums, but definitely the most visceral of the post-Too Bright stuff).

    It's rarely as muddy as Describe, On the Floor is more of a "template" in how it builds its Americana sound, but as a whole the album straddles the line between ornate and natural, even ambient at times (Leave is like the negative image of Choir). I feel like it'll still be finding new life within me for the next few weeks. One of the most thought-out albums of the year. And the girls will be quivering for Your Body Changes Everything.
  4. I'm beyond excited for this! I also got the notification that my physicals have been shipped already. Apparently I ordered both bundles to get a T-Shirt & the Blue Vinyl + poster. How very first-of-the-month of me.

    Am listening to my favourite songs of him to prep myself for when it's past midnight somewhere. This album is about to kill me for sure.
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  5. RJF


    I'm only halfway through but I love how muscular and rough and urgent it all sounds. Yeah, it has moments of softness, but the drama.
  6. Not this gift on my birthday.

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  7. RJF


    Finished my first listen it's so good. Can't wait to hear the Josef Salvat album and have them spit roast me.
  8. He’s 4/4 for me so I’m hesitant to listen to this... his bar is set so high...
  9. Describe and On The Floor are some of the best songs released this year so I'm excited to dive in.
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  10. I'm so fucking excited for this tonight. No shade to Charli, but this is definitely my most anticipated album after Fiona.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    5 star review from the Guardian - so excited to delve in!!
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  12. Me waiting for this soon to be masterpiece.

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  13. We were twenty-three
    Peter's unseen deed
    When we woke up
    He just asked me to leave

    I stole twenty from his blue jeans
    I'm pretty sure that he saw me

  14. Some tracks on this feel closer to Learning or Put Your Back N 2 It lyrically than ones on Too Bright and No Shape did. Jason especially.

    I'm fucking slayed.
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  15. These instrumentals are SO rich. A feast.
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  16. Nothing At All

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  17. Wow. One listen in & I don't even know what to think. It's a much more complex, mysterious, softer album than I expected it to be based off the first two singles. It's like a collection of the most introverted deep cuts on his albums (Braid, Run Me Through, Every Night, Don't Let Them In, Too Bright, etc). I got kind of lost inside a few songs.

    There are a lot of '50s pop/lounge/doo-wop throwback vibes on display here that I love, along with some slight classical influences? I'm surprised how much it leans away from the shoegaze-y rock sound Describe hinted toward. The album as a whole also reminds me somewhat of Aviary by Julia Holter &/or All Mirrors by Angel Olsen - it's very dense. He's obviously not gunning for the mainstream, which I appreciate. I can tell this will require multiple listens from me to fully sink in, but I can already tell once it sinks in, it's going to hit me hard.

    Initial favorites on first listen: The singles, Without You, Leave, Just A Touch, One More Try.
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  18. Perfume Genius, Moses Sumney and Nick Hakim all in one day..? Gonna be a busy next few days...
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  19. Jason sounds like the Velvet Underground via Susan Sarandon in Rocky Horror...
    And I’m obsessed.
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