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Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. I wanted to stay up and listen to this at midnight on headphones. That ambient outro to Describe sent me into deep sleep so I missed everything past track 2. Very excited to listen now.
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  2. I'm kinda obsessed with how this sounds like a gay 1950s/60s rock album.
  3. Guys, I still haven't gotten my life to this because Charli.
  4. Yea, I'm waiting for tonight cause I need to be productive ñññ
  5. aux


    These two posts really sum up the album for me.

    This is phenomenal. Mike has never disappointed me, and this is no exception. Can't wait to lose myself in the album over the coming months with every listen.
  6. Okay I'm diving in and the first track itself - I'm already ascending.

    The strings towards the end, I AM CRYING.
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  7. Charli and Perfume Genius on the same day, we're being fed
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  8. dd I was hoping it would lean more heavily into that sound. Gonna dive in now!
  9. This may be my favorite album of his yet, which feels a big statement when Too Bright and No Shape have continued to reveal themselves as such classics over time.

    I love that we have this and Fiona's album to dialogue with one another because they celebrate survival and play in adjacent sonic sandboxes! It's also amazing that neither of them employ Jon Brion on production—especially when Fiona has before—considering how much the baroque moments on both albums remind me of his work. Here, "Without You" and "Jason" specifically call to him.

    I've spent some time with the great gay play Angels in America this week for work, and it's this sprawling modern epic that submits queer experiences of love and pain to the canon of great tragic storytelling. It takes well-worn storytelling dynamics like daddy issues, doomed relationships, and noble death and finally makes them queer. That feels a bit like what Mike has been working at for a while, and he manages it so fully here. Where the first two albums stuck to rudimentary-yet-moving piano ballads, he's now pulling musical styles across genres into his orbit with grace, humor ("On the Floor" is so bright and whimsical in the context of the album), and deep catharsis ("Nothing at All" recalls incandescent Born to Run-era Springsteen). He's made the classic pop-rock album gay.

    I'm so proud of him for committing to fifty bold minutes of music here; the quality doesn't dip. His authority and confidence as an artist has grown to elevate his work to the transcendent, opulent, queer beauty he's always threatened.
  10. Edu


    I was listening to Charli's album right before playing this one and going from that Visions outro straight to Whole Life was definitely ... a journey.
  11. Looking forward to spending more time with this album more today. Just A Touch & One More Try are hitting me hard.
  12. Hey Queen.mp3 ... girl you have done it again constantly raising the bar. So impressed and so glad I stan talent
  13. Am I going crazy or does anyone else pick up on some genuine classical influence in these songs? The music is so much more loose and ornate than I previously expected.
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  14. Absolutely. I get some disparate vibes, like Brahms and Schoenberg and Terry Riley put together in a blender.
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  15. I don’t know what I was thinking having my first listen happen in public on a walk today but holy shit what an album. “Jason” just knocked me off my feet. Like I had to stop walking and just listen. This album feels extra rewarding having been such a big fan since Learning since in a certain way it returns back to that sound and themes but with all he’s gained in the following albums. Him and Fiona are gonna keep me alive in this hell year
  16. This is a real departure from his last couple of albums, but what a departure.
    I am in alt queer heaven, I think this could be his best yet.
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  17. Like all of his albums, I still need some time to digest this.

    I remember when On The Floor & Describe came out, I was like meh and then I was like oMG KinG HaDreAs iS bAcK!
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  18. This is easily a contender for AOTY. I can’t wait to dive into this further. WHAT AN ALBUM.
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  19. I kinda find it annoying when people liken song lyrics to poetry but you read his stuff and poetry is really the only way to describe it.

    Two of my favorites:
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  20. Yes, his lyrics are so evocative & moving. Just A Touch is a highlight for me. Leave, also!

    Your Body Changes Everything is becoming one of my favorites - the drums throughout are incredible.
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