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Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. I’d put it 4th out of his 5 albums but it’s still a magnetic and mesmerising piece of work.
  2. This is a bit surprising given that this is the same album that houses Your Body Changes Everything and Nothing At All. As a casual fan this hooked me immediately: the melodies are undeniable and even the more inaccessible tracks are built in a way that make them alluring listens (outside of Moonbend but I’m expecting the good sis to grow on me).
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  3. Yeah, I love those two tracks - I just wasn't really expecting the rest of the album outside of those 4 to be all ballad-esque! I agree with you re: the flow & sequencing, it works really well despite the all-encompassing ethereal vibe.
  4. Borrowed Light

  5. I'm so glad Mike is not problematic, compared to all the other pop gherls who really showeed their asses in 2020.

    The album is really growing on me. I knew it was gonna happen and one day it just all clicked. I stan for life.
  6. He's done a Mazzy Star cover (!!) but its only on Amazon music :(
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  7. I have been trying to listen to this album on my walks throughout the past few weeks but "On The Floor" and "Without You" are the two tracks I keep going back to. The bit in "On The Floor" when Mike sings, "Tame this wildness away..." is probably one of the most gorgeous bits in a song I've heard all year; I could hear him do that vocal take for hours. Anyways, it turns out my ex was also listening to this album throughout the breakup as well so it's strangely comforting.
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