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Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (New Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. It's weird how this sounds more accessible than Too Bright but is staking a lot more listens to truly appreciate.

    What tracks are people enjoying most?
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  2. Every Night through to Run Me Through are my favourites, but I do miss the more simple songs he used to do like Hood, Fool etc.
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  3. Okay, so this is a gorgeous, near-flawless album that just grows with each listen but why isn't Just Like Love a Lana feature?
  4. Alan, Run Me Through and Choir are fucking me up.
  5. Slip Away, Run Me Through, Alan, Go Ahead.
  6. I really, really like the new album, he went from glam rock to pastoral gay Midlake and succeeded. Otherside and Just Like Love had the power to elevate Slip Away and Go Ahead even more. I think Wreath, Every Night and the dramatic Choir are my second favorite run. ​
  7. I had to do a double take on "Die 4 U" - it sounds as though it's helmed by a completely different vocalist and I worried I'd somehow hit shuffle accidentally.
  8. Die 4 U, Alan, Otherside and Just Like Love are my current favourites. The whole album is incredible though, easily my favourite of the year.
  9. This album would've been the perfect score for the Fillory plot in this season of The Magicians.
  10. I just came here to also say that I can't believe Mike actually had Just Like Love in him. NO ONE could've seen that coming.
  11. The intro to 'Sides' is spectacular.
  12. This was gorgeous. I paid attention to the cover first of all but also a nagging knowledge that I failed to jump on board when Queen was doing the rounds. Been replaying it all weekend.
  13. The pitchfork review was actually great.
    On my first listen, his voice is amazing.
  14. He is one of my absolute favourite artists. There is such a growth in artistry with every album but it always sounds authentically him. The sequencing is also perfect on this album
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  15. Looks like a new video is coming tomorrow :)
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  16. It's for Die 4 You. Excited!
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  17. The auto-erotic asphyxiation love anthem of a generation is coming. My hairline is already receding with that screenshot.

    Also worth nothing that Braid is the most tender, hopeful and loving song he's ever put out and it gags me with its beauty every time I play it.
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  18. Here we go, directed by legend Floria Sigismondi:

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