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Perfume Genius, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. He's just announced a new US tour through May-July that's pretty much almost certainly for a soon-to-be announced album:


    And on the subject of his support, serpentwithfeet debuted with a really great EP last year, I've got absolutely no problem imagining them sharing a stage.
    He's also done a few shows and collaborations with Weyes Blood recently, who I can also heartily recommend.

  2. Exquisite taste @LE0Night - the Weyes Blood album is divine. You might want to check the thread for Gussy I just started in the new artists section too.
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  3. Great news. He's so amazing.
  4. Can't wait. Honestly, don't mean for this to come off as too much in the spirit of "bring the bops this time," but I hope he expands in the direction of "Queen" and "Grid." I love the solo piano stuff, and it will always be his signature, but he's so GOOD at the more pop moments.
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  5. Yeah, as usual, I want bops.
  6. We know nothing about what's coming and yet even just that poster and support acts are too much to handle. I am not ready.

    I remember him saying he wanted the album to sound like Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden and that picture does give me indie act from the '80s. Also:

  7. Want.
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  9. I feel he's coming to słay. Słay us all.
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  10. Too Bright is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. So ready for what's next.
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  11. Yas.
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  12. Some new album info from the Fader cover story!

  13. Sexy glam rock? Want.
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  14. I'm so jealous of his relationship with his boyfriend. They're total #relationshipgoals.
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  15. Aag


    Just finished some of the interview at the top.

    This sounds like a subconscious Born This Way. I'M READY.
  16. 1: The album is called "No Shape".
    2: Here's a snippet of the first single, Choir:

    3: Oh my God.
  17. This is gonna decimate me right in my damaged-yet-resolutely-romantic Gay Soul.
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  18. ^NoooOOOo the clip is gone!
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  19. It's back now! Probably just a glitch somewhere. Doesn't it sound amazing?

    Let me just use this maintenance update to also shamelessly repost/give a presentation of Mike's amazing twitter-game:

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  20. That snippet sounds so good, yas.
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