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Perfume Genius, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Leave is my favourite. It reminds me of something from Felt Mountain.

    I must admit I felt underwhelmed with the album at first. I’m such a fan that I think I had astronomical expectations but this is the first album of his I wasn’t wowed by initially. It is growing on me.
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  2. This is excellent. There’s so much here to sink your teeth into.
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  3. It’s hard to say anything too concrete right now; like all of his work it’s a grower which takes me time to settle into. I hadn’t heard On The Floor previously so that’s the standout for me. I have a rough feeling that Some Dream might end up being that major grower.
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  4. Just reading his interview with Pitchfork about the album and this part is hilarious. I love being gay
  5. I’ve just ordered the blue vinyl...
    That cover art screams Gay Rights (but let me cry deeply as I cheer).
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  6. I wish the hammer or motorcycle photos had bee the album cover because I think they're a little more striking. But yes the vinyl is still on its way.
  7. How beautiful is the track Your Body Changes Everything? He’s just so dreamy. Love the album artwork too
  8. Loooove this album, I’m only just now getting into him. What a great record to just vibe out to
  9. Nothing at All has become a real standout for me. That propulsive production paired with the ‘I got what you want’ refrain...we ascending.
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  10. I truly can’t believe that I can finish listening to this then go listen to new Fiona Apple then repeat until I pass out from all the crying and emotions.
  11. Mm this album is spellbinding. The final four songs in particular are an incredible run.

    One More Try is special.
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  12. What's funny is I'm kind of late to the game with him and I didn't even know he was gay until I saw this tweet dd

    Honestly, we need more gay artists like him in the spotlight. I think it helps so many kids growing up gay to see a wide array of gays in music and in the media, so they have more people they can see themselves in and show that it's not a monolith.
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  13. No Shape was a personal favourite of 2017, this album doesn't reach those heights in my opinion, but Leave is gorgeous, what a splendid song
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  14. As much as I love this album, I prefer No Shape & Too Bright in terms of the 'bigger' albums/sounds from him. It might grow on me more but after four listens (for now) this is not as good as his previous outputs.
  15. I’m still trying to figure out where the album sits with me - I always forget his albums take a while to sink in. What I wasn’t expecting was for it to be as soft & languid & ethereal as it is. Describe & On The Floor had me expecting a lot of energy, but those two are by far the most high energy on the album.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't know...this has all been so much more instant for me than anything else he's done.
  17. Yeah, me too. I’m not familiar with his earliest stuff but this one hit me hard. I knew it was going to be something special when I heard On the Floor and Describe and it lives up to its promise. Your Body Changes Everything in particular is the most perfect type of pop - dramatic, sexy, atmospheric, emotional. His talent!
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  18. This might be my favorite of his. It's either this or No Shape.

    Funny enough, I have the same problem with both, mainly that the energy flatlines at about the halfway mark. The back half of No Shape is probably my favorite part of the album, but something about the pacing throws me off for both albums.
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