Agreed! I think 'Polygon Wave' is one of their best singles in a very long time (never mind the boring MV, of course). It's so distinctively weird, full of syncopation, and extremely techno.

'Spinning World' reminds me of 'Natural Ni Koishite.' 'Mawaru Kagami,' 'Android,' and 'Mugen Loop' are so creative, too. Nakata has finally gotten back to creating catchy techno-pop, it seems.
Spinning World is out in countries where it's Friday.

Track lengths are also out:


The album version of Mawarukagami has also been surprise released in Japan (not sure if it'll pop up anywhere else). There's a preview up on iTunes Japan.
Not Plasma the title track reminding me of M83 at his peak, and being immediately followed by Time Warp and Polygon Wave. Now I see that Saisei, which I remember liking but haven't given a listen in a long while, and Spinning World are next in the tracklist and... whew, this album is already off to an excellent start isn't it? Makes me more excited to find out what the unreleased songs in the second half are giving.
Because we love a hyperbolic premature opinion, but this is instantly my favorite release from them since Level3, hell even since JPN as I've always had my slight gripes with a couple Level3 songs. I can't think of any complaints about this one, having heard 3/4 of it prior to its release aside.

I love how unabashedly nostalgic it is, both in its influences and how it much it harkens back to their earlier sounds here and there. On the downside, it also means this isn't as adventurous as some of their past work, which is to be expected when the material here is mostly treading familiar grounds. Might be a deliberate move on Nakata's part, who knows, but I'm not going to complain any further considering how much I'm into this in the end.

It feels good to love a Perfume album front to back again. I'm living for this ongoing creative renaissance from Nakata, and hearing Nocchi, Kashiyuka, and A-chan's vocals will never not fill me with pure, carefree joy.
I'd agree, it really reminds me of Triangle, and is their best set since JPN (which also feels like their most commercial, pop album). I really haven't listened to their recent stuff anyway near as much, so even though loads of the tracks here aren't brand new, mugenloop, Android& and the mixes of mawaru kagami feel fresh and really work in the album.


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My CD+2BluRay copy just arrived and it is so beautiful. I can't wait to have my first listen later today <3

Also, on the discs it states their label is now Universal J / Perfume Records. Is this a new development?! They have their own label now??

EDIT: Ignore me I apparently never noticed the Perfume records logo on all their releases since LEVEL 3 dddddd.
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I echo everyone that this is one of their strongest albums. The cohesion in theme really does wonders. A lot of the songs are about feeling stuck in a cycle so it ends up feeling like their pandemic album.

If I had one gripe it would be the frontloaded tracklist. I find myself skipping towards the second half most listens, especially with the back-to-back punch of Drive & Hatenabito, with Drive probably being one of the best stabs at city pop in recent memory from any artist.