Not sure what's happened to Love Cloud, they've just announced on Instagram 'Moon' as their new single on 6th September. Perhaps 'Love Cloud' as a B-side?!

If we're following the pattern of Mawaru Kagami (premiered at a concert first), then Love Cloud will likely be the B-side.

Moon will be used as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama Barakamon. They're performing the song today for the channel's summer music special.
They just dropped the covers for MOON.



Love Cloud is also confirmed as the B-side.
And it is only 3 minutes - we should petition to get them to represent somewhere in Eurovision if they carry on with the three minute wonders... :D
Moon is nice. Actually very nice, even. But Love Cloud m'aam... I knew I'd love it from the moment that live version popped up, but the studio one confirms this is one of the best things they've ever put out. The chord progression is insane, it's like their signature style mixed with Sonic Megadrive OSTs or something fefjoesfj Yasutaka really did that.