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Perrie Edwards - Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Electivirer, May 8, 2022.

  1. She posted some videos from the studio in the past months, but she just confirmed she plans on releasing solo music:

    It seems she has built a home studio and has been working with Kamille, Fred Again and Maegan Cottone.

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  3. ADM


    I've said this already but the thought that were about to get what feels like three new BPG's™ is incredibly exciting.
  4. RMK


    Yeah, I thought we'd have heard from one of them by now. Jade seemed to press pause, so it's her or Leigh?
  5. I’d love Perrie to go down the pop/rock route but those producers seem more dancey. Which she’d also be great at, but she could really be a great mini-Kelly Clarkson!
  6. Apparently she's requested pitches in the vein of What Doesn't Kill You so...
  7. ADM


    One of them better give us that BPG Q4 moment, surely out of three one of them is ready.

    (This is probably more LM thread appropriate but since when did a girl group go on hiatus where all members are solo worthy, as opposed to "she's going to get great TV gigs")
  8. Very curious to hear what musical direction she's going in. With her voice she could do just about anything...
  9. If she does go in the pop rock route I just hope it doesn't sound dated like in some other cases we've seen recently, especially considering it's a sound that was sort of trending last year.
  10. Hasn’t she been working with Fred Again? So, unless that’s for his album, would that suggest she’s going down a dance route or has he worked on other genres?
  11. ADM


    This is a fair assumption but if you look at his credits, he's got the range honey! Lots of pop stuff (...Ed Sheeran too but we'll ignore that), and most of note is the lost Number 1 that is Is Your Love Enough?.
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  12. ADM


  13. It doesn't look like anything is coming this year.
  14. I feel like Perrie is launching first for some reason.. it does seem a bit random for her to come out of ‘hiding’ to attend this awards show tonight so it would make sense that she’s getting out there again to build up hype.
  15. Her voice would suit the pop/rock/punk that's having a resurgence at the moment, I think.
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