Perrie Edwards - Solo Music

They might as well have recorded one together!

Coulda took a break and been back with LM7
It feels longer than it's been for sure. Between Us was so short lived as far as promo and singles goes. They had 4 excellent new songs to be singles and didn't really put much effort into any of them. I get Love (Sweet Love) came out right after 2 of them gave birth.... but I do wish come release week of the album they'd had really given a big push to that and No. Instead it kind of came and went with a whimper.
I'll be interested to hear how she carries a song by herself. With the group songs she often had really big moments but didn't have to do the entire song alone. I assumed her stuff would be furthest away from the group sound but based on who she is working with maybe it'll be closer than I think.
I guess I always sort of figured Perrie's solo music would veer towards Shout Out to My Ex and Touch territory. Just big, fun pop. I figured Jades would sound closer to Sweet Melody, Confetti, No. And Leigh-Anne is more of a wild card because she has said she tends to gravitate towards the more r&b and hip hop leaning songs in LM's discography, but she sounds so good on stuff like Break Up Song. So I'm holding out hope that her album is the most eclectic.
Perrie gave an interview to Grazia . She speaks mostly about her brand, Disora, a little bit about her wedding and only this about the music:

But when it comes to when music is arriving, Perrie doesn’t know, and frankly, she doesn’t mind.

‘I don’t have a set timeline,’ she explains, adding ‘My label have told me to just go with the flow and enjoy discovering what my sound is going to be. The fact there’s no deadline in my life just makes me the happiest person. I feel so lucky to just be having fun.’

Her newfound freedom is a vast change from the past decade. ‘In Little Mix, our life was mapped out about three years in advance sometimes. Now, it’s so much more freeing for all of us. We’re doing exactly what makes us happy and working to our own timelines. It’s really refreshing’ Perrie explains.