Perrie - "Forget About Us" + Debut Album

I was a bit indifferent on first listen but from the second verse onwards it’s a smash. Such a roadtrip song. Sounds like radio would eat this up. Also as pointed above it’s very Kelly Clarkson.
This is an immediate obsession for me! The verses do feel kind of wordy, but the chorus is inescapably catchy! I do get vibes of "Your Song" in the track too, which isn't surprising cause of Ed.
Oh, UK will eat that UP. It's not innovative or exciting by any means, but it's insanely catchy. "Bonfire smoke on your hoodie" was stuck in my head since my TikTok spammed me with videos using that sound.
If Boyz could be a number 4 this should be a top 3, at least.
I think there was an curiosity/trainwreck watch boost for Boyz though. I don't think anybody was streaming that because they wanted to bop to it. I guess I can't speak for anybody else, but Boyz is pretty much unboppable.
It's just ok, not what you would expect for your first single as a solo artist.
I agree with this. I don't think any of these ex-girl band members are going to break out with such unoriginal and tepid music. If you think of any ex-girl/boy band members who have smashed, they've come with stronger material. I don't think this song is bad, but it's just there.
I do think the labels have a bit of a say in making the more generic tracks the debut singles though, in order to play it safe. From the listening sessions, everyone said that this wasn’t their favourite track, complimenting the dance one.
I'm sure there's better on the album, but I do still think ex-Little Mix and ex-Fifth Harmony members really struggle to get really strong material. There's some decent songs, but it's just very regular kind of stuff. Needs more imagination.