Perrie - "Tears" + Debut Album

Perrie was the one who actively campaigned for Forget You Not to be on the album.

She was the one who said (jokingly) that she would quit the band if Not A Pop Song was the lead single.

She was also the one who joked she threatened to leave the band if Sweet Melody wasn’t a single.

She was the one who said she despised Oops.

In terms of Little Mix’s music, she displayed the best taste out of all of them.

All fair points. She has displayed very questionable taste at times though, particularly with her fondness for the saccharine ballads (Leigh is also guilty of this).

The snippet is pleasant enough but as expected I'm whelmed. It also sounds weirdly sped up or something?
It’s difficult to tell from that clip, it sounds good but nothing amazing. I also can’t see any LM solo girl having a Us hit if LM couldn’t. They’re also all in their 30s now, so that’s against them too.