Perrie - "Tears" + Debut Album

It's.... nothing groundbreaking. I'll remain perched for more bops from someone who pushed hard for great singles of the group.
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The sound on TikTok already has almost 2000 videos, and the label are paying for some of those from recognised creators. But even the organic ones, some have 40-50,000 likes.

I honestly see this being huge for her.
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I've gone back to the snippet a lot so it's doing its job. I'm not getting country at all? I don't know where the Carrie Underwood thing is coming from. It sounds like a Hot AC song that Kelly or Pink would gravitate towards, mixed with a bit of Heartbreak Anthem or Touch. Sort of like Don't Say Love sounded a little different, a little Little Mix.
Holidays normally cause a dent in streams, but that week does feel like a good move. They have physicals (vinyl/CD/cassette) posted on her website. Better than having to face such a harsh second week drop with Taylor.
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