Perrie - "Tears" + Debut Album

Oh I will be getting a 7”, tysm.

But shipping costing nearly 2x the actual disc itself…..
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The snippit is giving me Ugly Heart meets Kelly Clarkson at her poppiest. There's something really nostalgic about it and its already stuck in my head. I can see the likes of Radio 2 absolutely hammering it.


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Yeah, I think I said it didn't sound very Little Mix but it's kinda the 'vaguely country tinted' uptempo bop that Shout Out/Ugly Heart also was.

Not just related to Perrie's single, but I love how we just get every media type now for singles and albums--it always makes me so happy to see this. I saw some artists release 8-track tapes recently--not that I think Perrie or her fanbase are exactly demanding that, but a sale is a sale!