Perrie - "Tears" + Debut Album

I'm sure somebody else said it but my immediate thought was it has a vaguely similar vibe to Espresso, so when they realised they had an Espresso-lite song ready to go, they chucked it out asap.

It's nice but I don't think it's going to be saving the campaign any time soon.
I would love to speak to her team about this as her second single. Perrie is coming from a girlband whose singles/album tracks very rarely fell below a 8/10.

Forget About Us was a B+ for me. It’s catchy, fun; a perfect summer single. This however is dreadful in all aspects. The production is boring and tired and Perrie’s delivery sounds like she’s ready for a nap.
I’m loving this, they definitely went for the easy breezy Sabrina trend of 2024.

Definitely attempts to, but lyrics are such a big part of that? Whereas here I feel like the lyrics of the song don’t even match the sound.

It’s very Olly Murs 2012 meets a Macy’s commercial. And I wish it wasn’t.
This is awful, but not even in an interesting way. It sounds like they took 3 demos, picked the worst part of each of them and then glued them together just with a prayer and terrible taste.

To be fair, I still think that half of Little Mix discography is kidz bop trash but they generally excelled with the singles so this is all quite baffling.
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