Perrie - "Tears" (Jun 21) + Debut Album

I think it does what it needs to do for Perrie to launch her solo career and she did say the album is a mixed bag of sounds so if you aren’t keen on this then maybe the next song or 2 are for you.

I do fully believe she will be the first (maybe only) member of Little Mix to release an album, almost certainly this year anyway.
It's okay. The verses are a little odd but not in an interesting way (they're certainly not off time though). Her voice sounds a little too sweetened on it? Her voice has a thicker sound to it usually, which would have given this more bite. The beige production is probably the worst part. Why does it take so long for the drums to kick in? What is achieved with that kind of build up considering the overall basicness of the song?

I don't think this will smash.
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Didn't love it on first listen.
Ex girl group members these days just don't seem to know how to launch solo careers.
It's no 'What Took You So Long', 'Going Down' or 'Not Such an Innocent Girl' is it? Better times...!
I wish this song had a much more organic and rock-led production. The amount of melodyne and processing on her vocals is a tad annoying.
I like it! It's not game-changing but I also didn't really expect that from Perrie. She's clearly going to be the most successful one from the band (she has 9m+ followers more than Jade/Leigh on Insta), so I expected that her music would have the most mass appeal.

She sounds great!