Perrie - "Tears" (Jun 21) + Debut Album

Video thoughts:

Wet cozzy under dry poncho?
Aerial footage of car along coast (Someone remind Jake Nava he's done this before with Atomic Kitten 'It's Okay')
Bey's 'Hold Up' dress - her Schweppes album incoming?
I Don't Care - Cheryl vid vibes
The video is giving “shot with iPhone”.

It looks like a cheap version of the Flowers video.

Song is still a bop and she looks gorgeous


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Yeah I feel the original TikTok did as good a job as this. Also, just like the song, it only gets going halfway.
Hate that the extended version still has the unnecessary 'chorus bit before first verse' in it, might make my own edit.
I honestly thought the video would give us… more? Or a concept? At least based on how it was described as being big budget etc. And they waited a week to release it?

She looks stunning and like she’s have a great time! At least she stood up and served beauty, unlike my girl Dua in the Training Season video.

Just ironic it’s such a forgettable video for a song called ‘Forget About Us’ …
It feels like they had built good hype for release day but it fizzled out by day 2?

Like after that big big push it ended up just 1 place higher on the charts than Don't Say Love. Maybe a Little Mix reunion will come sooner than expected.

I mean, a Top 10 debut in 2024 is still epic. It’s also still fairly stable streaming wise. I don’t think it’s that dire.

She’s off to a solid start just like Leigh was with Don’t Say Love.

It’s all about if management stays consistent and how the song does long term.
Just saw it debuted at #1 on the UK Airplay Chart so it definitely could’ve/should’ve been higher.
None of the vinyl or cassettes shipped this week. Only some of the cds. I'm guessing to give it a boost in week 2/later on or they aren't ready yet.

The bundles are also 15 quid plus postage. It's not like they're being sold for 99p each.