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Pet Shop Boys - Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, May 4, 2022.

  1. So, this is finally happening in a week! I've purchased my tickets yesterday, excited to find out what the setlist is, but will be avoiding most other spoilers.
  2. I’m selling two front row tickets for Berlin, if anyone’s interested? They are literally the best seats as it’s front row of the middle block, Neil will be a meter away all night.

    It’s June 11. And they come with VIP Laminate, programme ans other merch. And they are seats so you just walk in at 21:00 and enjoy the show. Selling them face value as it clashes with Primavera. DM me if interested!
  3. I'll be seeing them at Bilbao BBK Live in July.
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  4. Seeing them in Budapest! The original plan was Athens, but the ticket website just kept refusing my payment, so I said fuck it, and it's gonna be cheaper for me anyway.

    The songs they hinted at, by the way...
    Rent, Jealousy, Hallo Spaceboy, Losing My Mind, Drunk, Streets, So Hard, Being Boring, Dreamland, Monkey Business, Paninaro
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  5. I’m seeing them in Newcastle and my tickets haven’t arrived yet!
  6. I'm seeing them in Cardiff. I will have to check the tickets haven't disintegrated, they've been stored away for so long!
  7. I'm seeing them at Bilbao BBK. Long overdue for me too.
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  8. Going to Glasgow Hydro, can't believe it's nearly finally here.

    As it's their first greatest hits tour I really hope we get some lesser performed singles such as Love Comes Quickly, Heart, Domino Dancing, It's Alright, So Hard, Where The Streets Have No Name, Can You Forgive Her?, Absolutely Fabulous, Paninaro, A Red Letter Day, You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk and I'm With Stupid.

    Heart in particular always gets paid dust, as it was one of their UK #1s I hope it gets a rare live outing.

    I'm torn between wanting to know the setlist and being surprised on the night...
  9. Snap!
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  10. Great minds, etc....

  11. This is starting tomorrow! The two-year delay has really deflated most of the excitement, hasn't it? Don't think they've been doing any sort of promo lately, just a lot of interviews pre-pandemic.
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  12. I am well impressed the Pet Shop Boys & New Order are doing some arenas in the USA!
    The boys haven’t done arenas in the USA since 1991…
  13. Every single from the first four albums i.e. the first sixteen tracks from Discography, seven more 90s tracks, and only three from the 21st century.
  14. The crowd in Milano looked like they were having a great time!
  15. Nice to see them brush the dust off a couple of those
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  16. Suburbia
    Can you forgive her?
    Where the streets have no name
    I don't know what you want... / So hard
    Left to my own devices
    Single-bilingual / Se a vida e
    Domino dancing
    Monkey business
    New York City Boy
    Drunk [Acoustic]
    Love comes quickly
    Losing my mind / Always on my mind
    It's alright
    What have I done to deserve this?
    Go West
    It's a sin

    West End girls
    Being boring

    Sorry for only teasing it last night, it was a bit of an exclusive, shared directly by someone who was there!
    27 singles is more than I would've expected, and some curveballs here and there. Sad it's so heavy on Discography, but what can you do!
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  17. Great set-list!
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  18. Gutted that The Pop Kids didn’t make it
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  19. Me looking at the charts in 1992
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  20. Anyone heard about UK support act?
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