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Pet Shop Boys - Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, May 4, 2022.

  1. This is such an incredible setlist, the only thing I would change is taking out It's Alright (which I've never much cared for) and replacing it with I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing, because it's my "happy" song. So excited for Manchester on Friday, I deliberately got floor tickets this time as I was in the tiers for Super and got grief from my miserable block neighbours for getting up and dancing. Hope I'm with a more enthusiastic lot this time
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  2. Ermm SPOILERS.
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  3. The point of a tour thread is spoilers?
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  4. I love It's Alright and glad to see it's inclusion, I sadly can't make Manchester this Friday because I'm going on holiday, but I really want to see this tour and the only date I'd be able to make is Hull.
    Is it a bit much travelling 2 hours to another city by myself to see these legends.
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  5. Do it ;) I went to London to see Mariah once as I was on a plane during the Manchester show
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  6. I think sometimes these things just need to happen, at the moment I'm leaning more and more towards getting tickets for Hull and just driving there and back on the night, it'd be a shame to miss this tour.
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  7. I'm not even a big fan but that setlist looks amazing.
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  8. It's tonight! On my way to the Arena right now
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  9. Me and my mate had tickets for Manchester tonight.... my mate couldn't find them anywhere... and as we had bought through stubhub and physical tickets... nothing could be done.

    Sat on sofa when should be bopping to the boys... gutted. Hope those who went tonight have an amazing time!
  10. For info, the boys came on at 8.20 and finished at 10.15. There's no support act beforehand. Amazing show!
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  11. A friend of mine was there in Manchester tonight and said the boys were phenomenally great!
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  12. Managed to get some £20 seats earlier in the week on Ticketmaster and I’m glad I did, never seen them before and I feel like the set was the perfect live introduction. The new mix of Heart was a surprising highlight for me, it really went off!
  13. This is exactly my experience in Manchester last night. The man behind me ruined the night by screaming at me if I dared dance. I spent a ton of it sat down but I wanted to dance to the likes of Devices, Sin and What have I done? He literally kept shouting and singing James Sit down ruining my night, his night and everyone around him. I'm sure it was an amazing show but it was killed and I can barely recall much of it.
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  14. Oh that sounds awful :( I don't get why people behave like that
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  15. With the anniversary of the bombing coming up Neil dedicated the last song to them and I thought of those poor people and hope they never had some arsehole being like that and danced their final night with joy in their hearts.
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  16. On way home from the London show. Great setlist (had avoided spoilers), and decent staging.

    Crowd were fine from a standing-up perspective - always my big fear at seats gigs - we were in B3 and from where we could see all the floor were on their feet throughout.
    Energy levels were a little low though, apart from The Major Hits.
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  17. Thought it was a great show - kind of flew by. I missed a few of the newer songs but was pleased by the inclusion of Losing My Mind

    The acoustic You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk saw a mass exodus for the toilet or the bar
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  18. Ugh, I had a similar experience with the people sat in front of me who were drunk before the start of the show. One of the guys actually went after the person in front of him who made a complaint and then they all got kicked out. Thankfully it didn't spoil our evening too much as there were spare seats next to us and we could just move but it really is a gamble at arena shows. At least at standing gigs you can move but in arenas you are at the mercy of drunk adults who act like they've never been out in public before.

    Anyway, the show was really great. Absolutely full of hits with a couple of surprises. They do their post-2000 songs a disservice but when the setlist is so packed with good stuff I can't really complain.
  19. Rookie mistake complaining about someone else at the O2... they always kick everyone out even the bullied party in the right.
  20. Amazing show tonight in Cardiff. Brilliant setlist, Neil sounding very strong vocally and absolutely stunning staging. Neil in silhouette performing Love Comes Quickly was especially beautiful.
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