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Pet Shop Boys - Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, May 4, 2022.

  1. Oh I loved that one too.
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  2. Yes Love Comes Quickly was so simple yet effective.

    I was in Cardiff too, fantastic show. The crowd were really into it too which always helps. While going in, a guy was so drunk he fell over and got kicked out. He must be full of regret this morning!
  3. mpl


    Selling a standing ticket for Bournemouth tonight if anyone is interested and can make it (thanks Covid via Marina at Brixton!)…
  4. My realisation that if it can't make a GH tour setlist then Liberation is never going to be performed live again.

  5. Maybe a Very Tour in 2033.
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  6. I hope they do another Blu-Ray/CD set with this tour as they did with Inner Sanctum. That was a fantastic set.
  7. It Couldn't Happen Here is currently airing on Sky Arts in the UK. I've never seen this!
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  8. Confused yet?...
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  9. after so many years, Liberation is still that song. They can play all the ballads they have in their wonderful catalog, but Liberation is and will always be THE ballad.
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  10. Absofuckinlutely.
  11. I missed the start but luckily it's on Now TV too
  12. More dates! June 2023, Wembley, Aberdeen, Liverpool and Leeds. Just booked front and centre in Leeds so I'll be super close compared to Manchester. And because it's a year away the tour will basically feel new!
  13. I tried to manifest dates for the South West but it hasn't worked (yet). Bristol has at least two summer venues they could play at.

    Last night though, outstanding performance. And I could relax once Chris appeared, I worried a split announcement was imminent.
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  14. What happened?
  15. Technical issues meant Chris couldn't do his thing next to Neil at the beginning of the show and was instead up on his plinth from the beginning of the performance and hidden from view.
  16. Yes I was so worried about this, not used to seeing Neil on his own, but all was good and they put on a fabulous show, I'm gad they've announced new dates for next year, I really felt I'd missed out, so pleased I'll finally be able to see them live.
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  17. Thanks. Wow they idea of a PSB split just gave me chills!

    Just realised this is available to watch online, Monday evening sorted:
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  18. Managed to get block B, row B for Liverpool which cost a fortune but as I had such a horrendous experience at the Manchester date with an idiot sat behind me it's just about justified.
  19. Love that they did I Don't Know What You Want last night. Sometimes it's my favourite PSB song.

    The crowd were loving the show, so enthusiastic, really great.
  20. Seeing them tomorrow!
    Also not this being prophetic ddddddd

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