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Pet Shop Boys - Electric - New Album (and tour) June 2013

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JonBcn, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Wow, that's unexpected, and very exciting news!
  2. Were they or did they leave? I feel like they are beyond the normal label thing now anyway, they are all about cult following surely?

    I discovered them last year (YES REALLY!) and I love them. I have "Very" and it has become one of my favourite records? What else should I check out?
  3. Everything! Start chronologically. Give or take a few slight mis-steps here and there, they are one of the few [only?] bands to have been consistently brilliant since the 80s.

    I agree that they're beyond the normal label thing, but I don't think that they are past it commercially. I don't know what the magic solution is, but they should still be having Top 20 singles, at least.
  4. I hope it isn't anything like their last album. It was a very Pet Shop Boys conclusion to their Parlophone years - a sigh rather than a gasp. I'm so looking forward to new Pet Shop Boys.
  5. Amazing news! Stuart Price is a great fit.

    For a quick jump into the best of the 80s I'd say start with Discography. But JonBcn is right, literally everything is good from Please to Elysium.

    My personal favorites are Introspective, Very, & Release.

    If you're an album listener, it's the way to go as they write great, cohesive records. But for singles, the double-disc PopArt has it all. (before 2003)
  6. I'm definitely an album place, I like to feel the whole concept, so I'll start with your personal favourites, thanks! :-) It's interesting because I'm just about to release a single next month and a couple of people have made "Pet Shop Boys" comments about it, I can't hear it personally, I think it's the vocal more than the music, but it's funny how I'd just discovered them before I recorded it at the end of last year!
  7. They followed through on their plans to get a dancier follow-up out quick then!

    Really excited to see what they do with Stuart Price, especially considering the great re-swizzle he did for Memory Of The Future. It'll be interesting to see what the new promotional approach will be with Kobalt too. Plus, this should put any fears of a particularly Elysium-heavy tour to rest, should definitely have a nice "punch" to it now. Exciting times!
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  8. sad they have left the label theyve been with for years. To be fair the Parlo they made some excellent promo's fan stuff and special editions.
    I think single choices have been odd over the last few years and hopefully things will be rectified with this new label.
  9. ooh you have so much to be excited about! Aside from the early work, my faves are Very, Fundamental and Yes.

    The only albums I waffled on were Nightlife and Release, though each of those has a few perfect songs (In Denial, You Only Tell Me You Love Me, Home And Dry)
  10. Stuart has long been my favorite (current) producer, so I'm almost guaranteed to love this. Can't wait!
  11. Oh wow! I've got so used to waiting years between PSB albums. Praying it makes me forget the majority of Elysium. Very happy that they are working with Stuart.
  12. Huh. Great that we're getting new Stuart Price-produced material so soon, but I can't help but feel a bit sad that their special relationship with Parlophone has ended. A browse through "Catalogue" this morning convinced me that they simply would not have achieved all they have with a different label. It's true that EMI are a ghost of what they once were, and the business has changed so dramatically, but still - it is the end of an era. Their press release was wonderfully gracious about the whole thing. I assume that they're keeping their business model of retaining copyright and licensing the record to Kobalt exclusively. Hopefully this doesn't mean the end of their physical releases forever.

    Edit: The teaser is up.
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  13. That teaser looks and sounds very brilliant indeed. Excited!

    Also, agree that Pet Shop Boys have maintained a very high standard in everything they've done. There's some brief missteps, Elysium being one, but overall they achieve a consistently high standard very very few others can match.
  14. I think I must be psychic! I was telling my brother yeserday that they'd probably have an album due in June. I didn't see a new label coming into the equation though.

    It's worth mentioning too that anyone worrying about a lack of physical product should be aware that Nick Cave's album on Kobalt is available on vinyl, CD, deluxe 2CD and super deluxe box set.
  15. A new album already?! That was fast, but I'm excited.
  16. I have a weird relationship with PSB. I adore most tracks from PopArt, but only bought three of their studio albums (Introspective, Fundamental and Yes) as a result, none of which I was particularly impressed with as a body of work (although Yes is easily the best). The rubbish album version of Left To My Own Devices is so weak compared to the sparkly, spanking single mix. However, I should really give them another chance.

    I thought the lead single from Elysium (can't remember what it was called) was dross

    I may well invest in the albums chronologically, however. That's probably the best way to do it.
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  17. Wow! A new album in less than a year? And Stuart Price=VERY GOOD!!!
  18. The clip is amazing. Yes, I like Elysium, but I think this sounds awesome. The trumpet synth thing sounds very Please-era, if not Bobby O.

    I am not surprised they've left Parlophone: let's hope that the back catalogue is treated with respect by Parlophone and that we don't now get a succession of compilations etc that don't live up to the spirit of the original presentation.

    PS - off topic, but I will use this moment to say that I still really like Bilingual. It gets a lot of stick as an album, but I think it's one of the best, along with Behaviour, Please and Very.

    PPS - Having done some YouTubing, it seems that they're channeling Patrick Cowley's Menergy, which can only be a good thing.
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