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Pet Shop Boys - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Apart from Winner I really liked Elysium. It was a dignified and mature album befitting of their age.

    Better than just moaning about the modern world and things they don't understand like on this EP.
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  2. Did the Super instrumentals ever find there way out there?
  3. On Social Media was played on Radio 2 this morning. For some reason, I wasn't expecting any of these tracks to get radio play.
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  4. 6Music have been playing it too.
  5. Doesn't Radio 2 play even Kylie's sneezes on repeat? Of course they'd play Pet Shop Boys.
  6. So is Social Media the actual single if it’s being played on radio?
  7. Your Early Stuff could definitely have fitted on this EP.
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  8. Next and final album title confirmed: Dissolve.
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  9. You believe these Net Worth stats? Sis.
  10. Neither Chris nor Neil need to shop at ALDI regardless of real net worth.
  11. But they're nowhere near Russian oligarch / 'owns 200 apartments in Soho that stay empty' / Trump territory = the people they're singing about.
  12. We're S - H - O - P - P - I -N Aldi.
  13. Aldi's chicken steak's deserve to be appreciated in this lifetime, dammit
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  14. I am so here for this new EP. On Social Media is such a bop.
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  15. jtm


    I‘m actually shocked that Neil‘s only worth that much considering their success. And how highly unfair considering their contribution to pop music compared to the salaries in other fields or even other artists.
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  16. Online net worth stats are notoriously unreliable and often fail to take a lot of assets into consideration, but let's not forget that they've often done things because they want to and not because they will make money.

    Performance, the Savoy shows, Nightlife tour (the set design alone was Zaha Hadid), were all reportedly money losers. The time they took to record Bilingual and even their lush B-sides were also probably a drain. Was it worth it? Yes, it's worth paying for!
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  17. As Neil himself says, "We're better at spending money than making it."
  18. (Squandering) Let's Spend Lots of Money
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  19. The EP is only £7,99 on evil Amazon, yas.
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