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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. I don't think we should even remotely worry about their wealth.
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  2. What Are We Going To Do About The Boys?
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  3. I'd quite forgotten about Agenda until I saw it as I was scrolling through my iTunes. Mess.
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  4. I´d already, happily forgotten about it as well, until I realised that we´ll have to rate the whole thing!
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  5. I can't believe Yes was released 10 years ago! It may not be ~perfect~ but still, what an album.

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  6. Still bopping to Social Media
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  7. [​IMG]

    Stole it from the other forum, looks really pretty! Surprisingly, still hasn't sold out.
  8. On their website it said sold out last week.
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  10. Ray


    Mine was dispatched today!
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  11. I pre-ordered this in February and changed my Visa card in March. I panicked when I got an email yesterday saying my order had been cancelled due to the payment being declined. I'd forgotten to update my PSB order with the new bank card details. I was so relieved when I saw I could still order it! It looks like a brilliant issue, and of course the CD makes it unmissable!
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  12. The live album is out in NZ... Really have to blast it, since it's a bit on the flat side. Not impressed with the sound so far, but I do prefer it to "Concrete", so make of that what you will.
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  13. LPT


    Will this be any different to the DVD/Blu Ray released tomorrow ??

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  14. That video is an edit, the DVD has a longer version. But yeah, that's about 70% of it
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  15. LPT


    Thanks. I'll buy it then !
  16. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    They really set my OCD off with the Inner Sanctum packaging, all the discs being the same colour as the holders they go into, and none of them matched, had to swap them all around. HONESTLY.

    Has anyone’s copy of Annually arrived yet? Mine was despatched Tuesday but still not here.
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  17. Dod anyone get two dispatch emails for annually with different order numbers?
  18. Same! I almost had a heart attack when I noticed the first one was wrong, I thought I got a duplicate disc and immediately assumed one would be missing.

    My copy of Annually arrived and awaits to be opened, PLUS we got Agenda on cd and vinyl this weekend. I feel so spoiled with goodies!

    I still haven't watched the video but I'm listening to the audio now, what a brilliant show it was. Live PSB is a lot more fun a listening than I always think it would be. With the shows being centred so much around the visuals, you'd be forgiven for thinking the audio recording is not worth listening on its own. But without all the lasers and smoke, it really highlights how great their live productions are, musically.

    At work giggling to myself reminiscing that fantastic night in 2016 (I went to the original run of Inner Sanctum and I'll just pretend this is the recording I'm listening to).
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  19. They were blasting Super in the Madrid FNAC yesterday and it sounded SO good
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